Rachel’s record for getting things wrong remains unbroken

Patriot Retort: The night before the latest jobs numbers came out, Rachel Maddow continued her unbroken record of getting things wrong.

Yeah, “brace yourself; it’s going to be absolutely terrible,” says the gal with a track record for consistently getting things wrong.

And once again, she was wrong.

Nearly five million jobs were added in June.

That doesn’t sound “absolutely terrible” to me.  Though, from Rachel’s perspective, as someone rooting for our economic destruction, I’m sure the incredible jobs report was “absolutely terrible” news.

Plus her unbroken record for getting things wrong is kinda what she’s known for.  Let’s face it. It would be front-page news if a Rachel Maddow prediction came true.

But what really disgusted me about that brief clip was how happy Rachel looks at the prospect of an “absolutely terrible” jobs report.

She doesn’t even try to hide that gleeful smirk of hers. MORE

15 Comments on Rachel’s record for getting things wrong remains unbroken

  1. She’s like a twisted Disney character that was fired for incurable, clinical depression after getting caught pulling the heads off of little girl’s dolls.
    Naturally she wound up on MSM.

  2. “They just has to look good, they don’t hafta be clear…”

    Damn. He sucks & fails at that, too! 😳

  3. Honestly, how does someone so consistently wrong about everything still have a job?

    This question answers a lot of questions about Mr. Maddow’s employer.

  4. I’mSorryWho?

    That chick? The ugly lesbian? But I repeat myself.
    The canyon yodeler?

    I guess I missed her last utterance. And the one before.
    And the one before that. Actually I have never heard one of her utterances. Not a single one.

    She doesn’t exist. I have heard of her. Only because right wingers publish her tantrums. Stop doing that.

  5. I believe my first comment at IOTW was me thinking this was Matthew Broderick’s brother. I didn’t have cable TV and didn’t know who it was.

  6. The economy was artificially stopped. The pent up demand still exists. As the lock down ends and people realize this was a really bad fucking cold/flu we will all have to work 6.5 days a week to catch up.

    I have put in HUGE hours in June. Tomorow is Saturday and I AM WORKING OVERTIME. I will probably go out SUNDAY too!

    And I live In THE LAZY Country in NORTH AMERICA!

  7. If she were right, her minions would expect that all the time, but when you are consistently wrong, oh well. Better luck in your next life.


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