“Racial Jungle President” Kneels on Floor Before the “Grandmother of Juneteenth” – IOTW Report

“Racial Jungle President” Kneels on Floor Before the “Grandmother of Juneteenth”

23 Comments on “Racial Jungle President” Kneels on Floor Before the “Grandmother of Juneteenth”

  1. A couple of years ago nobody had even heard of ‘Juneteenth’. F’ing leftist scum up to their usual tricks of dividing people by any means possible. A divided nation is easier to control.

  2. Gee, you’d think with all the cancel culture warriors cancelling people who said something 40 years ago, they’d be all over Biden. Guess they are hypocrites??

  3. Juneteenth is a new number, created intentionally because real numbers and math in general is racist.

  4. Juneteenth: Oh goodie, goodie!!
    Congress finally recognizes the day White Republicans freed all the democRAT slaves!
    Awe…. KKK and BLM hardest hit! Too bad…

  5. Symbolism over substance, as Rush used to say.

    And I am sick unto death of Harris’s gaping mouth smile and wagging head. Dreading the day Joe makes that final out-of-basement journey on a gurney, with a white sheet over his face like he always secretly wanted.

  6. Juneteenth is the holiday to commemorate the freeing of the slaves in Tx. The rest of the slaves in the south were freed two years earlier, but they held out in Tx and tried to keep anyone from finding out about it for two more years there.

    Hook em Horns!!!

  7. Kamala Harris… Ya know – in the beginning I just assumed she wuz the principle of the Vishakapatnam school in East Godavari when I saw her title listed as Head master…

  8. Don’t forget another awesome event on this date in 1953.
    Ethel & Julius Rosenberg became “good communists” courtesy of good
    old American ingenuity and coal fired electricity.

  9. And we’re just supposed to enshrine stupid, made-up words in legislation because they’re Black sounding.

    Freaknick, here we come.

  10. Isn’t juneteenth the day black college “greeks” traditionally terrorize and vandalize Va Beach ?

  11. Juneteenth — more Ebonics, Ghettoese… like “bro” or “My bad” or “I got game”…

    because good English vocabulary and grammar is too damn hard…

  12. The native americans are quietly snickering, the blacks get a ridiculous holiday, the indians got the casino’s.

  13. It’s gotten to the point where all you’ll have to do is throw a bag of BBQ chips at blacks to keep them on the D plantation.

    Self-assigning to second class.

  14. In cult like fashion, cackling KamalMao inspires the demented pResident Xiden to bow to a race-baiting crone goddess-not even old enough to experience slavery,
    btw. She only encourages nothing but a big lie the left want to promote.

    Leftists again taking a historical event out of context to push their Marxist narrative.
    Slaves in Texas not knowing they were free, doesn’t mean the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment, (1863) didn’t apply to them.

    “Celebrating” Democrat lead Texas local government officials’ reprehensible decision not to acknowledge the end of slavery for two years is typical leftist hypocrisy.

    Now, we officially have a false flag “holiday” that only proves the left’s evil intention to divide this nation by race/segregation and ignoring the fact The U.S. Constitution has already resolved the issue of equality.

    I will never recognize, “Juneteenth” as a legitimate holiday – Federal or otherwise. It is a mockery of foundation of The United States of America.

  15. This shit is all going one way folks. Or have you not noticed..?

    I’ll give you a hint. You’re president is a foreign agent.


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