Racism Explained

ht/ Miska Simpson.

A child asks his mother, “mama, what’s the difference between democracy and racism?”

The mother says, “well son, democracy is when the tax payers work hard every day so that we can get all our benefits, you know, like free housing, free health care, free education,  and so on, and so forth, you know that’s a democracy.”

“But mama, don’t the tax payers get angry about that?”

“Sure they do. That’s what we call racism!”


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  1. I think ‘racism’ is a made up word by the people on the left.
    I know it scares the hell out of white people.
    Obama proved how strong the word is.

  2. “racism” is a term used by people on the Left to “win” arguments with Conservatives when they run out of their boilerplate insanity!

  3. Black History Month teaching in grade school.

    Our 6 year old granddaughter returned home from school and asked me, “Is our family good white people?”

    I was taken aback, first, my granddaughter has been raised in my household, is mixed race (black and white, as is her brother) and secondly the school is teaching 1st Graders revisionist History and implied all white people were bad during the early years of the United States and many white people are bad today.
    We had a simplified discussion about all people, the good and the bad.
    Racism has been perpetuated in our schools by social justice teachers.

  4. Caucasian Demonrat (Bolshevist) self-haters are the most virulent racists on Earth.
    Negro Demonrat (Bolshevist) self-haters are the second-most virulent racists on Earth.
    The RINOs (Mensheviks) are a close third, regardless of color.
    izlamics come in fourth – but more brutally – raping, castrating, and torturing.

    The rest of us wring our hands and hope for relief.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. ““racism” is a term used by people on the Left to “win” arguments with Conservatives when they run out of their boilerplate insanity!”

    Which explains why it’s the first thing out of their mouths.

  6. Yelling racist in a crowded theater has worked well for the white haters and has done so for years!

  7. From a Fred Astaire movie, “Finian’s Rainbow”
    Finian McLonergan: America is full of millionaires.
    Sharon McLonergan: But Father, are there no ill clad or ill housed in America?
    Finian McLonergan: Aye, but they’re the best ill clad and the best ill housed in the world.

  8. For just about my entire lifetime, the State government of California has been redirecting vehicle license fees and gasoline/diesel taxes into the general fund – to be used to pay for free shit for the 20+ million Mexicans in California, in exchange for them voting Democrat.

    Now the roads and bridges are literally falling apart. Shocking, I know.

    The Democrats now want to increase the vehicle license fees and the gasoline/diesel taxes. Supposedly to pay for road maintenance.

    The only question is how long it will be before the increased fees and taxes are redirected to fund even more free shit for even more Mexicans, in exchange for more of those precious votes.

    The solution is obviously not more fees and taxes in California, the solution is fewer Mexicans in California.

  9. Cato, my 1st grader hasn’t come home with any of
    that shit thank god.
    But I live on an island……..

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