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Racist Joe Can’t Help Himself

Joe Biden Recalls High Crime Neighborhoods in Delaware that Had ‘Best Basketball’ Where He Was ‘Only White Guy’ Lifeguard


The president recalled he used to spend time with his now deceased son Beau Biden, who was the attorney general at the time, in the area called “the bucket,” referring to an old public housing project that was a haven for drug dealers, prostitutes, and vandals.

“And you know, you could always tell where the best basketball in the state is, or the best basketball in the city is, it’s where everybody shows up,” Biden said.

Biden recalled his son would get upset when he saw police officers sitting in their cars instead of walking the streets and meeting people. He said:

When my son was the attorney general, he’d go around in the tougher neighborhoods and he would ensure that every single cop gave his cell phone number to the local liquor store, the local church, the local grocery store, the local hamburger joint, so that if there’s a problem they would pick up the phone and call.


15 Comments on Racist Joe Can’t Help Himself

  1. He was actually UGLIER back then with that dumb F@ck Giant Forehead.

  2. True story. Not a joke. I give you my word as a Brandon.

  3. And when the criminals in the neighborhood committed serious crimes, nobody would help the police to get the criminals. So what were the criminals supposed to do with it?

    And how much do you want to bet that if people had the phone numbers of police, those officers would be doing nothing but answering crank calls?

    Maybe if they gave out the phone number of the Attorney General things would change.

  4. Hand me the phone – I’m callin 1-800-JOE-BULLSHIT.

  5. And black people voted for this racist asshole? Wow. There is now, literally nothing a democrat can do or say that would stop a majority of black people from voting for him or her.

  6. @Kcir – They voted for This Sh@t
    AUGUST 31, 2022 AT 2:01 PM
    “He was actually UGLIER back then with that dumb F@ck Giant Forehead.”

    That was before the hair plugs. Hence the nickname Rush gave him of “Plugs Biden”.

  7. And after a sweaty game of round ball all the brothers would go to the pool and play with Joe’s leg hair in the water.

  8. Was this before or after he killed Corn Pop while developing a vaccine for Dengue fever or after he graduated tops in his class at both Annapolis and West Point? Biden biographical narratives are so fluid, since they literally change on a minute by minute basis.

  9. Sure thing Joe you congenital liar, tell us how you graduated at the top of your class again.

  10. Given Pedo Joe, Coke Hunter, Dr. J, Ashley Showers, & The banging Daughter/Sister In Law, I honestly doubt Beau was the “Clean One”

    Bill Clinton was an Aristocrat Compared to this Buck Tooth Banjo crew.

  11. My name is Officer and my phone number is 911.


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