Racist Loon: Kathy Griffin Slams Kevin Hart for Not Trashing Trump


Kathy Griffin Slams Kevin Hart for Not Trashing Trump: ‘That’s a Pu**y Move Because He’s a Black Man’.

Self-proclaimed “D-list” celebrity Kathy Griffin launched a racially charged attack on actor and stand-up comedy megastar Kevin Hart over his refusal to bash President Donald Trump from the stage at his sellout shows.

“I do feel like this is such an anxiety-ridden time for everyone that there is a thirst for all kinds of comedy,” Griffin said in an interview with USA Today published on Wednesday “And look, if you want to not hear about Trump at all, go see Kevin Hart. He doesn’t even mention Trump. I personally think that’s a (expletive) move because he’s a black man. But I guess he’s selling more tickets than I ever will.”

USA Today edited out Griffin’s explicative but confirmed to the Free Beacon that she used the word “pussy” to describe Hart.

Hart films, including 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets and 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, have grossed over $1.5 billion domestically.

Indeed the 38-year-old superstar, who reportedly commands $10 million per film, is one of the few Hollywood stars who avoids preaching politics. MORE

24 Comments on Racist Loon: Kathy Griffin Slams Kevin Hart for Not Trashing Trump

  1. Kevin Hart does’nt seem Anxiety ridden, maybe she should Wake Up and own the Anxiety that is Kathy Griffin.

  2. Kinda looks like Poison Ivy from Batman
    cept The Grif is Bat Crap Crazy and suffers
    from female dizziness.

  3. Kathy wants blacks to think as she tells them too because they aren’t capable of independent thought. That’s one of the core principles of the Democrap party. No need for minorities to think when their white leftist betters will do it for them. It’s well beyond the racism of low expectations.
    message to Kathy – people do not think with their skin color or their ‘lady parts’.

  4. In that picture she looks like a rode-hard-and-put-away-wet caricature of Howdy Doody. Which is an insult to all children’s marionettes and puppets.

  5. Your fault, my fault, anybody’s fault I am going to blow your head off. No matter what else happens, no matter who get’s killed, I am going to blow your head off.

  6. At first I enjoyed Kathy Griffin. Thought her outing of 1st hand encounters of deluded media trash was entertaining. Than she deluded and financially over extended herself and just went victim. Feel sorry for me, my father just died, buy my tickets so I can pay my mortgage. Married and was ripped off, buy my tickets so I can pay my mortgage. Then my sister just died, buy my tickets so I can pay my mortgage. My mother just died, buy my tickets so I can pay my mortgage. Claimed alternative lifestyles as her people, buy my tickets so I can pay my mortgage. Nothing but a failed human being always the victim, yet please buy my tickets so I can pay my mortgage.
    Best part of her show the D LIST was not having a sold out show and going out on the the street trying to give free tickets away. She approached a young guy and he refused the free tickets. Wished I had recorded that, now that was comedy!

  7. That dude looks like a caricature of Howdy………

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. Cathy would go broke as a two dollar whore on the border.
    She’s got the kind of face that makes drunk Mexicans sober again.
    Poor Lazlo

  9. “There is a thirst for all kinds of comedy.”
    HA!!! And we’re living in the new Comedy Desert with no oasis in sight.
    There is no comedy anymore. It’s been replaced by angry, bitter, soreloser liberal propaganda. Just another once wonderful form of entertainment ruined by the left.

  10. Comedians and the Comedy Industry chose to PLAY DEAD for a decade.

    They chose political correctness and it would not allow them to go after the COMEDY GOLDMINE that was a Half-black Preezy: a real life Mr Bean (remember his self-humiliation before Queen Elizabeth?) and his obvious female impersonator NFL-grade First “Lady”.

    After choosing to make themselves obsolete, now they want to blame their audience for their obsolescence????

    The Kathy Griffins are as dead as the Robert DeNiros.
    Their “Use By” dates expired back in 2008.

    May I suggest they all board a cruise to the S Pacific and that ship be used as a target for nuke testing?

  11. Kathy Griffin, “Kevin Darnel Hart! Boy you better get your black ass back on the planation, and I mean right now. Or I will sending the paddy rollers to drag you back!”


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