Racist Noose Found at Louisiana State University Turns Out to Be Ground Wire – IOTW Report

Racist Noose Found at Louisiana State University Turns Out to Be Ground Wire

dumb ass

Moonbattery: Some hate hoaxes are deliberately mendacious bids to advance the cultural Marxist agenda and gain sympathetic attention. Others are more likely to be the result of hysteria, low IQ, and a desperate eagerness to find evidence in support of liberal ideology. Clarke Perkins may be a moonbat and a moron, but don’t call her a liar. Read more

18 Comments on Racist Noose Found at Louisiana State University Turns Out to Be Ground Wire

  1. Those that cry the racism wolf most likely have NEVER SEEN a noose- ever; not in historical pictures (that would require opening a book or search for something other than porn on google) and not in a movie (that would mean seeing a movie with no CI that is not porn) .

    The fact that these Low Information Voters can’t identify THE symbol of racism should be used as proof that actual racism is dead.

  2. “I’m wrong, bit I’m stupid and ignorant, so it’s your fault.”

  3. Just another media seeking attention whore wanting five minutes in the black spotlight….go away skank!

  4. one cannot give an offense, one has to take it and these wimps are afraid of everything.

  5. “Mommy look, I learned to tie my shoes today!”
    “That’s a racist noose! I’m getting you velcro shoes.”

  6. “I was wrong, it was a wire that fell. But if black students were more accepted here, I wouldn’t have thought a noose.”

    Dear Clarke Perkins: Fuck you, you goofy little racist bitch.

    I went to LSU for undergrad: 1996-2000. Unless you want to make the argument that the campus has become significantly MORE racist in the last 15 years, then there is no problem with black students being “accepted”. If anything, then like most universities these days, the situation is quite the opposite. Let me give you a couple personal anecdotes…

    My girlfriend at the time was a journalism major (she wised up and got over it) and was dismayed at the fact that there was a black student journalist club, an asian student journalist club, and woman’s student journalist club, but nothing at all for the white guys. So, as a goof, she printed up a flier which copied exactly the text from a flyer for the black student journalist club – but with the word “white” instead. She put her own phone number on it, just to see what would happen.

    Guess what happened, you little airhead? She got hate-mail-type phone calls for TWO MONTHS. All hours of the day and night; she had to turn the ringer off just to get any sleep. Accusations of racism, cussing out, even death threats. Again: for two months, even though the flyer was only up for 1 day.

    What race is it that isn’t accepted again?

    Here’s another – I needed 3 credits in humanities, which had nothing at all to do with my major in the hard sciences, but it was required anyway. I chose Professional Ethics, thinking I might actually get something out of it. I was wrong about that, but one day in class, the professor started gushing about how great it was that our classroom was so “diverse”: we had several races present, not just white kids.

    Because, ya know, blacks just aren’t accepted there.

    The interesting part was, the black dude he pointed at during his speech was my roommate, so I knew him pretty well. We looked at each other and started to laugh. The prof asked what was funny, and my roommate told him that he had been born in Baton Rouge, lived there his whole life, was going to college there, and had only even left Louisiana ONCE in his entire life, on a week’s vacation to Disneyworld. So the question was, how exactly does he contribute more to the diversity of the class than I did…seeing I was born in Texas, raised in Alaska, went to high school in New Orleans, and had just gotten back from having lived in Germany for four years.

    My favorite line, which I will never forget, was: “You think my black skin makes me fucking magic, or some shit?”

    What race is it that isn’t accepted again?

    I could go on, but I’ll close with this. If you think I’m going to stop eating at Popeye’s, you can go fuck yourself.

  7. Mansfield Lovell, Famous Confederate General Fuckup

    now if they were going to lynch Les Miles and his scouting staff, I’d be all for it!

  8. “You think my black skin makes me fucking magic, or some shit?”
    LOLOL. Nice!

    You know what’s bad about assholes like her?
    What she does backfires on normal black people. For example,
    try getting hired somewhere without wondering if it’s because of your skills or because you fill somebody’s black quota.
    And then try working with an imcompetent black person with no work ethic, who they are afraid to fire because they don’t want to be called rayciss.

    I’m so tired of people, black or other wise, who think their feet shouldn’t touch the ground when they walk.

    Oh, and I hate Popeye’s so don’t worry about my half white ass going there. Most of them are ghetto as hell anyway. Pfft.

  9. Great comment, harbqll.

    I have stopped eating at Popeye’s, though. I think they save aside the small chicken for when whitey orders.

    Just a few days ago, I was even “Popeye’d” at the local Chiurch’s.

    I watched the black girl actually swap out pieces already in the box for smaller pieces.

    Oh well.

  10. Some bozo on Twitter posted a picture of something he found on the ground thinking it was a bunch of bullets. Was all worried about violent connotations and all.

    The fucking “bullets” were EAR PLUGS. Stupid asshole.

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