Racist Obama Says “Anglo American Legal System”

The usual Twitter low-wattage brain power dopes were up in arms about Jeff Sessions’ “racist remarKKK.”

Alyssa Milano called for Sessions’ resignation. (Roll that one around for awhile. That’s like saying Screech has called for unilateral disarmament.)

Sarah Silverman called Sessions the C-word.

Is there any outrage left for Obama?

10 Comments on Racist Obama Says “Anglo American Legal System”

  1. Obama would like to handle problems like they did back home. Sending both aggrieved parties to the local witch doctor for resolution.

  2. Let me guess. We need two separate but equal legal systems.

    One where everyone is accountable and one where blacks aren’t.

  3. I didn’t listen to the video because I have no desire to ever hear his voice again. Assuming he said what is claimed it proves he’s a coward. If he had any courage at all he would have said non-sharia legal system.


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