‘Racist Watch’ Website Demonizes Trump Supporters, But It Has an Upside

PJM: Some weirdos have developed a site called “Racist Watch” that identifies the names and locations of all people who have donated to the Trump campaign. I’m sure they intended this so that far left wackos can ostracize their neighbors who like Trump, and possibly protest outside their homes like crazy people.

However, when I looked up my zip code I realized that this is a great tool to find new friends near you. It’s like a dating app for finding friends who aren’t crippled by hatred and mental illness. Isn’t it always a bummer when you think you’ve met someone nice and then they ruin it by telling you all their irrational fears about the president putting gay people in concentration camps? read more

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  1. I would not take this all that lightly. ANTIFA has suggested, several times, that they were going to start tracking down Trump voters in their homes and executing them. ANTIFA is currently under Investigation by the DOJ for purchasing firearms from Mex Cartels. ANTIFA member have been over in the big sand box being trained by Muzzie Terrorists. If you don’t think ANTIFA, and Libtards in general, are not going to lose their shit when Trump gets reelected you have another thing coming. Nice of someone to give them a map to my front door.

  2. This was done, as well, to firearm owners’ in Westchester County, NY, SEVEN years ago…


    IF you click on the first two permalinks, they are GONE. A really good 2A lawyer hopefully got to their asses or maybe a class action lawsuit, did them in.

    There MAY or may not be an upside to that, I just don’t want to be on ANYONE’s radar, cept for here at IOTW.

    Hopefully the same fate will come of that despicable Marxist site, ‘error site not found 404 forever’.

  3. @Jethro,

    OCTOBER 22, 2019 AT 7:29 PM
    “This site is under maintenance….”
    I guess they caught on.

    Yep! otherwise Trump would have tweeted out the site himself, and said let’s have some block parties! Here’s who to invite.

  4. Antifa is always welcome in my yard. But, come heavy, as I can assure you I can take care of myself. I suggest settling your personal affairs and being sure your estate planning is all squared away. If you leave a note in your pocket, I’ll call and tell your mom where she can claim your remains.

  5. We’re going to out you for:
    1. Being a pediphile ✔️
    2. Contributing to Trump 2020 ✔️
    3. Running for president of the USA as a socialist or communist (they are “just” Democrats). ❌

  6. Who operates “Public Service Media Group, Inc.”?
    And who pays the bills for “Public Service Media Group, Inc.”

    Publish those names, see what happens.

    “Ignorance can be fixed, Stupid can’t.”


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