Radical CNN Spokeshole Calls Radio Host a Recipient of White Privilege — He’s Black

23 Comments on Radical CNN Spokeshole Calls Radio Host a Recipient of White Privilege — He’s Black

  1. They have become a parody of themselves. All they know is charging racism/sexism/homophobia etc ad infinitum. It’s like a variation on Turrets syndrome.

    If they had half a lick of sense the old adage: Be sure to engage brain before putting mouth in gear would apply. Being as that is not a possibility, may I suggest: Just shut the fuck up with the Goddamn bullshit charges that are nothing but bullshit and you and everyone else knows it.

  2. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein

  3. I’m so sick of the on going slavery crap on Tv that I know why some people shoot their screens. Poor blacks has just been run into the ground. Now practically every ad, every news story, every show revolves around a black. Everytime we get a new weather girl, she’s black. New anchor. Black. As soon as I see a black on tv now I change the channel. Call me racist but I can’t stand it anymore. Boo f#$kin hoo!

  4. She had handlers alright and she greeted them on her knees. I wonder how many execs she gummed to get the job?

  5. “She likely thinks of him as an Uncle Tom since his name isn’t LaQuantrasimeon.”

    I was just thinking that telling a black person that they benefit from white privilege is a very wokely intersectionous way of calling them an Uncle Tom.

  6. @Bobcat:

    Who in their right mind would tell anyone that they had “Handlers”?? Livestock have Handlers…

    I have it on good authority (the voices in my head) that the people around her don’t call them handlers. They use the term “wranglers”.


  7. I’m just gonna keep separating the black from the white parts of my Oreo cookies and there is absolutely NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT !!!!

  8. Aaaaaaaannnnnnd this is the open manhole that these radicals eventually fall into when they’re running a false narrative. Then, rather than admit she’s dead wrong and that the so-called “White Privilege” narrative is wrong, she simply blames it on her handlers. They’re ALWAYs right until they’re wrong, then it is invariably someone else’s fault.
    Hand me the phone Areva. I’m calling Bullshit on yoo!

  9. Handlers, huh. During slavery those “handlers” were called overseers. Mz. Token got her facts wrong precisely because she’s a CNN plantation tool.

    The real issue is this black man, who talks “white”?! – Ohh, the horror! implemented conservative principles to become successful. There in lies the rub for a leftist cur pretending to be a news anchoress.

  10. Arrogance and ignorance. A bad mixture. Areva Martin should not be a “legal analyst.” Well maybe in South Africa, or whatever it’s called these days.


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