Rahm Emanuel: Pay Off Chicago’s $28 Billion Pension with Casinos, Pot

Breitbart: Chicago’s outgoing Democrat mayor, Rahm Emanuel, says the way to defuse the Windy City’s pension bomb is to legalize and tax marijuana and build a city-owned casino.

Launching full force into growing vice in his city, Emanuel said that past politicians failed by making airy budgeting promises that were never fulfilled, Fox News reported.

“Simply put, leaders in the past made commitments without the resources to back them up. And now, inevitably, the bill has come due,” Emanuel said during a press conference at City Hall.

“For the last seven-and-a-half years, we have worked together to stabilize, strengthen and secure Chicago’s pension funds, from our city’s pension funds, to our schools, to all of our sister agencies,” Emanuel said on Wednesday. “Together, we have been addressing this challenge honestly and forthrightly.”

Calling the situation a “flashing yellow light of uncertainty,” the lame-duck mayor patted himself on the back for addressing the pension crisis, even though no movement has really occurred to fix the fund that has a $28 billion shortfall.

His self-congratulatory claims of past efforts aside, Emanuel said that the best fix would be banking on vice.  more here

20 Comments on Rahm Emanuel: Pay Off Chicago’s $28 Billion Pension with Casinos, Pot

  1. 1st off; Government can’t run ANYTHING and make a profit. Look at the Whore house they took over in Nevada…lost money BIG time.

    2nd; The regulatory committees and bureaucrats they put in charge of the marijuana legalization/regulation would make the regulators plenty rich but, overall, would cost the taxpayers even more money.

    Bottom line B.S. in 50 point text!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Chicago. You are a city run by progressive (and corrupt) Democrats, you have driven finances into the ground, and your solution is to resort to taxes and revenues which will be borne primarily by the lower income classes. Well, I guess that since alcohol and cigarette taxes have flattened or lessened and lottery income is insufficient, and you already run an extortion racket, drugs and gambling are the next obvious choices. I would recommend checking to see if any of the old Outfit guys are around for pointers on skimming the gambling profits.

    You didn’t drive organized crime out of Chicago, you just replaced it with the government.

  3. Fentenyl shooting galleries where you
    can pay to watch junkies go into convulsions.
    Sell beer & hot dogs… Seriously,Chitcago is
    so deep in “legacy” payments,it can NEVER catch up.

  4. I wouldn’t go to Chicago not even to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. I flew thru O’Hare once in 92 on my way to Wash. DC. for the National Day of Prayer with a large group from my church. I don’t like really big cities and especially ones with a large minority population.

  5. Just a nuther disingenuous, Snake Oil-selling democRAT taking the path of least resistance cuz he doesn’t have the intelligence to do something truly creative, or the balls to do what’s needed to correct a growing cultural problem!

  6. Like the Sheriff of Nottingham in the old Disney version of Robin Hood. He never believed people were too broke to pay taxes. Well Rahm is hoping casinos will show people have cash savings to blow at the tables and slots,then he can turn around and mandate another tax for something.

  7. Way to go, Chicago Dems. Reward fiscal illiteracy by throwing more money at it. Let us know how that works for you.

  8. “… leaders in the past made commitments without the resources …”

    Hmm … Rahm … I may have found the trouble … the “leaders” you mention, weren’t “leaders” at all, but liars. Typical politicians – like you: Lie, prevaricate, lie some more, steal, and then disappear.

    Remember Rod Blagojevich braying about how he had “given” the “people’s” grandmothers “free” bus rides? Huh? Do ya? Well, he didn’t “give” anybody anything – he hid the cost – nothing is “free.” So, he was a lying sack of monkey shit, just like you. The dumbasses of Chicago may believe that Casinos and Dope are gonna balance their budgets, but they’re in for a shock – and, of course, you’ll be long gone by then – probably part owner in the Casinos and Dope importers – along with Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Dave Axelrod, and Barry Obola.

    Oh, well … good luck … I hear you can buy a lot of stuff in Hell …

    izlamo delenda est …


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