Rahm Emanuel warns Dems about going ‘socialist’

ONN– A prominent Democrat is warning his party that Donald Trump will exploit their far-left ideas in 2020, and a political analyst says it’s good advice that won’t be heeded.

“Rahm Emanuel warns Democrats in 2020 not to play to ‘socialist’ type,” a USA Today headline states to begin a March 21 story.

Emanuel, the outgoing Chicago mayor, wrote an op-ed for The Atlantic warning fellow Democrats that they are serving up “slow pitches over the plate” to Trump, and he said the Republican president will peel away Democrats over proposals such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Emanuel, a Bill Clinton advisor who later served as Barack Obama’s chief of staff, is not appealing to Democrats out of niceness: he is known as a ruthless political player who once sent a mob-like dead fish to a pollster he didn’t like, and rattled off a list of political “enemies” as he stabbed a steak knife into a table.

“Rahm Emmanuel is brilliant. The name of the game is to win power,” observes political scientist Dr. Charles Dunn. “Rahm Emanuel knows that Bill Clinton understood how to win power and to sustain power.”

Rahm warns in the op-ed that Trump’s approval ratings make him beatable, and Democrats will have themselves to blame if he wins a second term.

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7 Comments on Rahm Emanuel warns Dems about going ‘socialist’

  1. POTUS Trump is smoking out all the people who even the dullest D voter will recognize. Can’t wait for WH tweets, now, on Emanuel. haaha!

  2. Too bad in all his years as Mayor, Tiny Dancer never focused his laser-like acumen on crime and the funding issues Chicongo faces.

  3. So Rahm is advising the Democrats to hide what they are and pretend to be something else to the voters in order to beat Trump?

    FWIW, Trump won by being who and what he is and making sure the voters knew it. He isn’t ashamed of it, and doesn’t apologize for it, but apparently the Democrats are ashamed of publicly admitting what they are.

  4. But what’s the alternative for Democrats? Upholding the Constitution? Smaller government? Border security? Believing in the First and Second Amendments?

    Come on, Rahm, the Democrats are playing their most logical card because Socialism has been their political philosophy since FDR.


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