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Rainbow Bridge

I’m not at liberty to divulge who sent me this picture. They can reveal themselves in the comments if they choose to.

This picture was taken the day before they were going to the vet’s office, knowing their dog’s life was in the balance, having endured a chronic illness related to the liver his entire life.

They have no idea I am posting this. I’ll suffer the consequences if I’ve done something wrong.

I have to post it.

All dogs go to heaven.



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  1. I had to put down my old Golden a week ago, who was about to turn 14. He suffered several old age conditions that finally became too much for him. When he wouldn’t eat a hot dog, I knew something was up.
    Our dachshund has been looking for him ever since.

  2. It takes a special heart to have a pet because unless you have a swan or a box turtle as a pet, you know you will probably outlive them.

    All dogs (and cats) do go to heaven.

  3. I hope when it’s time for me to go I have a similar scene like that engulfing me. That’s astonishingly beautiful. Big hugs and loves to that handsome dog and his family and friends. No way anyone would be mad at you BigFurHat unless you began dating Kathy Griffin. 🌞

  4. We had to put down our little weenie dog a few months ago. That was rough. He had made it 14 years.

    The last two, we had to carry him up and down our steps many times a day.

    It was always worth it to see him smile in the sunshine for all the joy he had given us. He was almost blind and our walks simultaneously got shorter and longer but he made it out with us right up until the day before to play ball with his little brother.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss as well. Our 10 month old Mastiff mix was hit by a speeding car last year and we lost her later that day. Then in June of this year, it was time for our 15 year old Airedale/Wolfhound mix to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss them both, still today. We do have new dogs, and I remember and love every one that has shared their lives with us.
    The dog in the pic looks like he was a ‘runner’- he looks like he liked to stretch his legs and have fun in his youth. You helped him, and I hope you have fond memories of your good times with him. And our prayers and good thoughts are with you.

  6. Remember me always, but do not grieve for me too long. I have tried always to comfort you in times of sorrow, and have made every effort to add joy to your life. I never wanted to cause you pain. Peace for me is certain now, and I suspect I will have eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so well . Please, after your period of grieving for me, make room in your heart for another. You are the kind of human being that should always have a friend like me to love. Your kind and gentle heart should not be wasted on my memory for too long. Give your love to another. I know your new friend will never take my place, because we had something very special. It may not be quite the same, but a new devoted and loving companion will in time, become special in their own way. You loved me very much and I loved you . My spirit will always be with you, and no matter how deep my sleep, my greatful heart will always remember you.

    RIP Jager

  7. Three years since our furry friend passed away, and I still miss her. We still aren’t ready to bring another dog into our home. It may sound crazy, but in some ways it feels like it would be disrespectful to the little pup who was so much a part of our family. Maybe we will some day, just not yet.

  8. My sweet, 16-year-old terrier died in her sleep two years ago in August and it’s taken all that time to even be able to talk about it without choking up. I believed myself to be ready for another dog in my life and prayed about it, saying “Please Lord– I just want someone who needs me. Please send me someone who needs me.” I knew I didn’t want a big dog, nor did I want a male. God knew my what was in my thoughts and what I didn’t want so he sent me…. a big, male dog. But he needs me! Tybo (named him after a ghost town here in Nevada) wandered into my yard in August of this year, right around the time Sierra died. Took several weeks for him to even let me pet him, but he kept coming back for deep drinks of water from the tubs I had set out for wildlife. Now I have a big, male dog (1/2 chow, 1/2 lab) sleeping between me and my husband. He’s a fierce protector, a very polite companion, and obviously grateful for the opportunity to be rescued. My heart breaks for anyone who loses a companion. It’s a special kind of deep grief.

  9. Beautiful thoughts all. Bman, thanks for posting that.

    “I hope some fine day to become the man my dog believes me to be”

  10. When I had to let my cancer riddled dog, Liberty, go I also had an appointment. We arrived 20 minutes early and went to the ice cream stand.

    Sharing that last bowl of ice cream and that little bit of joy with her was very special.

    OK. Now I can’t stop tearing up.

  11. Crazy thing about dogs, at least for me is, people come and go in your life. I run into casual acquaintances I haven’t seen in a year a two and can’t remember their names or who they are. But I’ve never forgotten a dog I’ve met.

  12. I lost my Amstaff, Bonnie, 8 years ago to liver disease.
    A helpless, crushing loss.
    I was blessed as were you Matty.
    RIP Jager

  13. Wow. So many have passed recently. My heart goes out to all of you.

    My Sweet Lizzie passed right before 4am on Oct 1. The Las Vegas massacre helped keep things in perspective for me. While a personal loss, she was 14 and it was her time. Not so for the concert goers.

    I have had a dog poisoned. That was much harder to watch him get worse as time went on then finally realize what was really going on and accept there was not going to be any recovery. I had to end his suffering with a 3am visit to a vet. bringing that empty collar home was so depressing when he was young, alive and vivacious the day before.

    Now I’m wondering if another foundling will come along and keep the, now alone, 100 lb brat company and the yard safe from squirrels and the lawn man doing his job.

    I refuse to go look for trouble. It never works out when I go looking for a pet. They find me wherever I’m at. Mutts are most welcome.

  14. My collie Buddy had a stroke when he was 12 years old and couldn’t get up to go out anymore and I had to carry him outside to do his business. Within a few days we made the decision to put him down because there was nothing we could do for him. it was one of the hardest things I ever did and I’m glad I went by myself because I cried the whole way home from the Humane society. He was my kids first dog, we got him when he was about 6-8 months old when my son was 2 or so, he couldn’t say Buddy so he called him Dirty, don’t ask me why. He loved my kids, herded him around the house and was always looking after them both day and night and once licked a spider bite on my youngest daughters arm and made it better just by licking it. He was a beautiful dog, looked like Lassie and the only dog we’ve had who wasn’t deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner, he loved being cleaned with the vacuum cleaner hose with all his long hair. There are only 3 dogs I really miss Buddy, my little beagle mix Jones, the best bird dog and rabbit chaser and cat chaser we ever had when I was a kid and Sam our female golden retriever who absolutely loved catching Frisbees and chasing after any kind of light reflection who was poisoned somehow, we don’t know if it was an accident or if someone deliberately poisoned her.

  15. My 12 yr old Gizmo passed away 2 weeks ago after 2 hip surgeries, vet says he must have passed a blood clot in his sleep. I pray it was swift and painless, my own selfishness to keep him with me put him through 2 weeks of pain. Seeing this rips the scab off and my vision is blurry as I tye this.

  16. Well that was rough but it’s more peaceful then he has been in a month thanks for all the well wishes and bfh will have a picture to paint soon

  17. *big deep long inhale*
    *stuttering exhale*

    I wish we had more time to enjoy our fury friends.

    *hugs* for all.

  18. Oh gosh.
    Me. Illustr8r just asked me why I was all weepy…” iOTW pets…rainbow bridge…” *sniffle*
    So much love here…hugs to all of you with heavy hearts. ❤️

  19. When we had to put down our beloved Buster (who was really suffering) after 13 years, our vet something to me that I’ll never forget. He said, “I know this is hard. These guys are our family. The loss is real. Just remember…we’re more humane to our animals than we are to other people.” There’s no getting around the hurt now, but, in time you’ll mostly think of the 15 wonderful years you had with your best friend and smile.

  20. Matty, I’m very sorry for your sadness. And you were a 15-year friend to Jager. May you have warm thoughts and good memories of your times together. Pets are the best!

  21. Our family lost Marshmellow about 2 years ago. It was my wife’s and daughters first dog and I’m 90% sure someone poisoned her. I still morn her loss.

    To cheer up my wife and daughters we went to the animal shelter and there was a puppy and we got him. It was too soon for me but he is a very good dog and my wife and daughters love him to death.

    RIP Jager

  22. Oh my, brings back so many memories. Chi Chi, Durty Hairy, Nick, Maxamillion Dollars and now Spike. Each was/is a character in his/her own way. Chi Chi, the only girl, died in my lap. Nick and Max had our wonderful Vet come to the house in her mobile unit. I was married and moved away when Hairy’s time came. When Spike was a puppy, I threatened to do the job myself. Now, we are best buds.

  23. How will I know I have been accepted to heaven?
    The closer I get to the bridge, the more dogs I can hear barking it up

  24. Oh my, brings back so many memories, overwhelmingly happy. Chi Chi, Durty Hairy, Nick, Maxamillion Dollars and, now, Spike. Each was/is a character in his/her own special way. Chi Chi, the only girl, died in my lap. Nick and Max had our wonderful Vet come to the house in her mobile unit. I was married and moved away when Hairy’s time came. When Spike was a puppy, I threatened to do the job myself. But he/I survived and we are best buds. Pets bring so much joy to our lives and then heart crushing sorrow. But the sorrow only lasts until you are able to relive the joy.

  25. I’ve only had one dog in my life that was actually mine, and that was one I got when I was a kid. We did everything together. When I got married he stayed behind with my parents, because that was home to him, plus I couldn’t have a pet in the places I was renting. He died when I was away in the Army, so I guess I missed out on the grieving process. Anyway, he was old and it was time.

    I’d give a thousand dollar bill just to have another ten minutes to spend with that dog today, though.

  26. Toughest thing I’ve ever done. Although the idea is to alleviate suffering of your dearest friend, I never stopped feeling like I betrayed her. Dogs bring something into your life that nothing else can quite measure up to. Gods gift to man.

  27. I knew better than to wander into this conversation, but I did, and don’t regret it. Had to put Goliath down early this year, and Bear is coming any day.

    Happy Tears to all of the dog owners. The sorrow is real.

    We do have such personal relationships with these beings. Bear loved to drink some of my beer when were were out by the fire. I should make that happen before I make the final decision.

    I always reflect on this:

    Lock your significant other and your dog in a trunk for an afternoon. Open it a few hours later. Which one is happy to see you?


  28. Not to make every damned thing political, but which group thinks of dogs as vile, disgusting creatures?
    That, in and of itself, explains their lack of humanity.
    If you can’t love a puppy there is no place for you on my planet.

  29. Amazing photo. Is it real? (Not photoshopped?)

    I ask because I took a picture of my best-loved cat, my child, some time before I had to let go of him, and angle wings showed up in the picture, hovering over him.

    Bman, thank you for that. I am printing it out to read again.

    My prayers for peace and strength go out for you, this pup’s family.

    A heartwrenching time. But how lucky you were to find each other.

  30. Maggie tries everyday to be the dog I want her to be = rescued her at age four from a lady entering a nursing home. Not same as getting as pup but she still loves it every time I share my covers with her at night. She weighs 6 pounds but has chased German shepherds out of the yard.

    She doesn’t have bad days and always jumps when I say “wanna…”

    Love them while you have them and jump back on that bicycle quickly when you don’t … too many of ’em without homes and people out there.

  31. Bless his little doggie heart. Don’t you just know he will be in Heaven waiting for you like no time even passed. Until then just smile every time you say his name.

  32. @Matty your dog was blessed by having you to watch over him. We lost our 22 year old Maltese and 19 year old cocker within 3 weeks of each other this month. They take a piece of our hearts, but what they leave behind is priceless…unconditional love. We learn much from them and I do believe that we will reunite someday. In the meantime, they keep watch over us from the other side of the rainbow.

  33. There is no time in heaven, Jager, so run and jump and play and eat all you want Jager, your owner will be there in a minute.

    When I get to heaven next to my relatives i’ll be seeing Toby, Indy, Buster and Bandit, Foxy, Orion and Skippy.

  34. I hear ya dolt. I should have never clicked the link. We do rescues, got another one on that path. But we’ll get another one. We believe that all dogs need a home, so we do what we can. We always keep three.
    Now I’m bawling like a little girl.

  35. Matty, you and Jager shared your souls.

    I know your sorrow. Too many of my furry friends are gone now and I tear up every time someone here loses one of theirs. It’s part of having a loving heart.

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture.

  36. I’ve had 5 Boxers and know how hard it is. Going to get a pair of pups soon.

    Moved by all your comments, what a fine group of humans here.

  37. That is such a fantastic picture!

    It helps to hear stories of joy during times like this.

    Krypto, my all-white pitt bull and dogo argentino mix, remains terribly strong beyond measure at only 95lbs/seven years and absoluetly loves wrecking each and every window cat shelf I’ve erected. He routinely tells it proudly on the mountain how there are other live creatures wandering beyond that screened window box. I know sheetrock. I know sheetrock very well.

    Curious if Sarthurk’s dachshund ruled the house same as our toy version did back when we had her and our Great Dane/Rottweiller mix.

  38. our little Sadie von Halfsmoke passed on last Saturday. she was 14, couldn’t walk more than 10 steps, mostly blind, couldn’t hear, the last couple of months have been the worst w/ severe breathing problems, yacking up everything, including water … we’re still crying. She Who Must Be Obeyed has crying jags, I tear & choke up, our little mini-Dachshund, Bailey sits by the back door, waiting for Sadie to come back in … going through a big adjustment, always reaching for her on the end of the couch & she’s not there
    God love all you people … to love an animal so much
    thank you for sharing my grief … & sharing your grief… y’all are very special folks

  39. So sorry for the loss of your family member and a dog you loved for 15 years was surely family. You will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

  40. So much heart break in everyone’s stories here. I hope and pray that each one will find resolve, in dealing with your grief.

  41. All I can say is… getting another dog helps and the sooner the better. They don’t erase the memories. They do help fill a hole in your heart.

  42. each of my dogs has opened my heart in some way and I’m convinced that when a dog crosses over they know what your next lesson is and they pick both when and who your next dog is. It’s a special and very personal gift from them to you.

  43. I’m so sorry for all the wonderful pets that have past on… I can watch movies all day long with people dyeing in it doesn’t phase me but kill one animal in them I’m broken hearted for the next week

  44. Dogs are such wonderful companions. We become so attached to each and every one we share our lives with.
    This morning, I let our two doggos out. They are ‘free range’, as we live in a very rural, wooded area. After an hour or so, they came trotting back. The 18 month old female had a gift for me. In her mouth was a Schlitz beer can. It had been opened with a ‘church key’ and was only slightly rusty. I have no idea where she found it, but she was quite happy to give it to me. Dogs are great.

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