Rainbow Cake Girl: The True Story

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You might have heard about Whitefield Academy, the private Christian school in Louisville, Kentucky, that expelled Kayla Kenney, a  15-year-old student, for posting on social media a photo of herself with a rainbow cake. On the surface, it looked ridiculous: this priggish Christian school kicking a teenager out for merely having a rainbow cake for her birthday.

The story has gone viral in the national media. The Washington Post, for example, reported:

[Kayla’s mother Kimberly] Alford said she is aware that the rainbow-striped flag is a symbol of the LGBTQ community, but emphasized that her daughter’s matching rainbow cake and sweater were simply a coincidental aesthetic and not intended to mean anything more. The expulsion was first covered this week by local news outlets, including the Courier-Journal.

“Rainbows don’t mean you’re a certain gender or certain sex or sexuality,” Alford told The Washington Post, adding that she provided the school a receipt from the bakery listing the cake’s design as “assorted colors.” “I’m not saying she’s this or that — she’s just Kayla to me. … I ordered the cake, she didn’t.”

But that explanation was apparently insufficient for Whitefield Academy, a pre-K-12 school that is affiliated with the local Highview Baptist Church. A request to speak directly with the school’s headmaster was not returned Tuesday afternoon, but in an emailed statement to The Post, the academy decried “inaccurate media reports” suggesting Kayla was expelled solely because of a Facebook post.

“In fact, she has unfortunately violated our student code of conduct numerous times over the past two years,” the school said in the statement. “In the fall, we met with the student to give her a final chance to begin to adhere to our code of conduct. Unfortunately, she did not live up to the agreement, and therefore, has been expelled.”

“Simply a coincidental aesthetic and not intended to mean anything more.”That is almost certainly a flat-out lie, and I’m going to show you why below.


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  1. It’s a private school, they can have rules and expectations of behavior as they see fit. I guess it’s public school for Kayla. Good luck trouble maker.

  2. Lying perverts caught red handed but it won’t matter. Media will say she shouldn’t have been forced into signing a hate contract.

    Watch Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes come along to defend her.

  3. Why did fags and dykes have to adopt the rainbow as their symbol? When I was a kid, a rainbow was a rainbow. Nearly every boy in school had one those Sears jogging suits with the rainbow stripe down the sleeves. The Denver Nuggets had, to me, those cool uniforms with the rainbow skyline. 70’s funny cars had wild paint schemes and the Benetton F1 car stood out, too. But, as I’ve gotten older, things I liked, as a kid and teen, are now being ruined by LBGT agenda. Now when I see a rainbow, instead of seeing a color spectrum, I see a gay pride symbol.

    Just venting really, and screw the lying dyke. As joe6pak said, it’s public school for the little liar.

  4. First Law: “SJWs Always Lie.” Always. The church and the school are under attack; I have no doubt there are other infiltrators waiting to act, or prepared to take advantage of the various situations in order to converge the church and school. The convergence is in full swing at the Southern Baptist Convention; this event shows that the convergence has metastasized.


  5. “Sometimes a rainbow cake is just a rainbow cake, but keep an eye on them thar cigars”….

    h/t Sigmund Frued….

  6. One newspaper tried to add a class warfare element to the story by saying this is an “expensive” private school. I looked up the tuition as well as spending in the local government district and found that the government district was spending MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH per student. So which is the “expensive” school?

  7. From what I can gather this student wasn’t only an issue because of her lesbianism- but more so due to the fact that she was using it to harass other female students and used it as an excuse to toss her bible into a dryer and destroy it.

    Clearly she enjoys being as obnoxious as possible about her predilection and was welding it as a weapon against the other students and faculty.

    Little cretin has no self control and clearly no respect for god nor any fear of him. Good riddance and may god work on her heart.

  8. Like all reprobates this girl and her family appear to really enjoy mocking God. Something that The True and Living God sternly warns against;
    7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.
    8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.”
    To her detriment, public school will be the environment that will support her deviant behavior and set her on a path of self destruction.
    The school did the right thing. She is toxic and unrepentant.
    Next step for Rainbow girl – becoming a shaved head, tattoed, black clad Antifa thug, goose stepping to every leftist agenda possible. God have mercy on her soul.

  9. She needs to be an exchange student in a Muslim country like Somalia. After one year she’ll have a much greater appreciation for the tolerance of people with Christian values.

  10. She has to sue the shit out of them. Given the MASSIVE recoverie$ lately by victims of this kind of crap, she has to go for it. She’ll be set for life.

  11. @chuckie

    The adopted s rainbow because each sexual persuasion and/or mental illness wanted there own color.

    I personally don’t care what people prefer sexually. I could care less whether a person is gay or a lesbian. Whatever is your cup of tea. What does bother me is when one rubs it in my face and tells me I have to like it.

  12. This is a no shit story. A buddy of mine, a few years ago, went skiing at Whistler. He had rainbow suspenders only because he liked them. Sexuality never crossed his mind. Anyway the crowd was huge up there, everyone was beyond friendly. He left thinking it was such a great bunch of people. It was only after he left that he learned that rainbows were a gay pride symbol and that he was at Whistler for gay pride weekend. He’s a good sport, but he gets reminded of that frequently.

  13. My granddaughter who is only 3 loves rainbows, she had a rainbow hairbow in her hair and some pervert made the comment to her mother that she was glad to see she wasn’t ashamed to let her daughter represent LGBT. Let’s just say that idiot went away with the knowledge you don’t talk about queer shit around a country girl’s kids. I think she just might have went away pissing on herself.

  14. Something terrible has happened in our country. I don’t think anyone can put their finger on the ultimate cause (yes, Supernightshade, there is *the* ultimate cause, but that’s not what I’m talking about here), but there are both incremental changes and sudden changes that contribute to what seems to be an absolute breakdown in personal modesty a sense of privacy, a sense of what’s appropriate. Our country is so much meaner, baser, dingier because of it.

    How do we stop this slide into total public debauchery? It seems the only way to avoid it is to retreat to books and leave all forms of online and cable activity.


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