Raise Your Hand If You’re Falling For Sanders’ Wordplay



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  1. Question for Bernie: If capitalism is so horrible why are so many people, at great personal risk, trying to come here…and escape the clutches of socialism? Take your own advice and go to Venezuela next time you have heart problems.

  2. All I want is for government to recognize my God given rights and get the fuck out of the way. I’ve got 2 children of my own, I don’t need to pay for education, housing, citizenship, gender reassignment, food, or healthcare for for a bunch of slimy stinky assed mexicans that don’t give a shit about their own country or people let alone my country or my people. Maybe I’d be more willing to fund illegals once the IRS allows me to claim 30 million of them as dependants, but until then FUCK OFF.

  3. “The only way we defeat Trump …. ”

    That sort of tries to make people think that Trump is some sort of independent force in and of himself, not the elected representative of the people who voted for him.

    But what he means is to defeat and then eliminate (probably literally eliminate) all those who want their views represented in government if they do not agree with his.

    That “we” stuff he speaks of is exclusive, not inclusive, of half the population’s representation in our representative government.

  4. ok bernie that’s nice for all the illegal aliens, but just what are you going to do for the American citizens ?

    bernie: “put you in gulags”

  5. If elected, he won’t be “asking”, he’ll be demanding your money while pointing a gun at your head. That is the sum and substance of socialism.

  6. I’m a United States of America citizen. I work and pay my taxes. My wife and I raised three children, and paid for their education. We have always arranged for our own health care insurance. Maybe I drive in excess of the posted speed limit on occasion and have been known to roll through stop signs, but other than that I am a law abiding citizen. I don’t think life has always been fair to me, but I don’t whine about it (at least not in public). I go to church, but don’t force anyone else to observe any particular religion if they don’t want to. I don’t really care if others are of different races, or homosexual, or transgender, or otherwise different than me – they get the same opportunities as everyone else. My family has never owned slaves.

    So what are Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democrat asshats running for President going to do for me?

  7. Yup. If his plan is so great why is he hiding behind falsehoods? Because his plan isn’t so great, that’s why. The Left has always had to lie about their nefarious plans. They can’t sell their ideas to free, thinking people. Thus government “education” (aka public schools).

  8. I’ve known he’s a lying communist bag “O” Shite since 1980 when he pretty much destroyed Burlington Vermont. Of course the other dipshits then allowed him to take out the rest of the state soon after, thus the reason I never went back.

  9. Communism and a heavy dose of authoritarianism since once the bozos that vote for him realize he meant they too have to PAY they are going to need proper motivation along with the rest of us. Sanders never answers any questions about how to pay for this crap he just screams LET ME BE CLEAR and goes into a stump speech about giving people all this crap.


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