Raleigh, NC Man Locked Up For Endangering The Public With TB

If a “Raleigh man” is named Owen Bwale Kapanga, he’s actually a “Kenya man,” Kapanga being a common name in that country.


12 Comments on Raleigh, NC Man Locked Up For Endangering The Public With TB

  1. the legacy of Obama & the D’rats … all part of the plan

    bringing in illegals & ‘refugees’ to purposely infect the US w/ communicable diseases … measles, tb, ebola, pretty soon the plague … all a deliberative action to collapse America, hoping that an epidemic will overwhelm the healthcare system & ‘the government’ can take over … for the ‘good of the people’

  2. TB is a terrible disease. I did some reading up on it and there is — I think I remember — a documentary about it on YT.

  3. Lazlo is becoming a germaphobe these days
    I meet lots of folk and go in houses. Got a big jug of hand sanitizer right in the console.
    I also wipe down the shopping cart at any store I go into.
    Too old to take an ass whuppin’ from some tiny African germ

  4. This is great…So what happens to the prisoners?? They get infected and spread this filth to hundreds-of-thousands of North Carolinians, soon to be a “national plague”?
    More geniuses at-work, spending OUR MONEY on trash like this…
    A plague will take-out millions of innocents and cost billions to resolve, if ever.


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