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Ramadan Pig Roast Held By Infidels

The Colorado Springs Chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club marked the beginning of Ramadan (which kicked off a month of daylight fasting for Muslims that started last Thursday) with a pig roast and BBQ on Friday.



The event promised “patriotism, brotherhood, food and drinks, merchandise, music and good times.”


The Colorado Springs Chapter of the Infidels is said to be made up of mostly of military veterans, given that Fort Carson is located nearby.

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  1. only a backward cult like islam would let a holiday that you ‘celebrate’ by fasting fall when the days are the longest for most of the world’s population. we have 15 hours plus of daylight here this time of year. If a muzzie is north of the artic circle right now they would never get to eat since the sun never sets. good planning hey? no wonder they are so grumpy they get ‘hangered’

  2. HAHAHA.

    Oh please, please, have some muslim make the mistake of threatening and waving knives or guns at some bikers.

  3. It was an open party, that means anyone was welcome to attend.

    “We absolutely put it on our radar,” Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby said about the barbecue. “We will respond accordingly to make sure the community is safe, and we don’t anticipate any problems.”

    In other words “yes we are stopping by for some pulled pork”.

  4. “Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, refraining from food, liquids, smoking and sex, to help them understand self-discipline, self-control, blah blah blah…”
    Good luck with the self-control part. These animals can’t keep their hands off elementary school age girls.

  5. @Irony – That’s why I always thought those animals called their holiday Ram it in…

    BTW – the only pork done in poor taste is pork that hasn’t been cooked enough!

  6. I would hold these events in places dictated by what direction the wind is blowing.
    Make sure my Middle Eastern friends smell the delicious foods of my Country

  7. Newest neighbors are musloids. Their house and yard now look like an Indian Reservation. (No offense, injuns.) Anyway, all the neighbors are into frying bacon at least once a week. This is some kinda special time in their calendar so now we not only have to look at a pig pen, we have to smell tons of B O and listen to lambs being slaughtered. Even as good as the BBQ pit smells, it doesn’t hide the stench of all their greasy, unwashed cut throat friends who wipe their asses with their bare hands.

  8. My annual fishing party did a pig roast on Friday, just in their honor, of course. We’re multicultural, ya all.

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