Ramen repairs

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  1. That’s one of the reasons I don’t buy anything used. If it’s not new, with a warranty I’m not interested.

  2. Fun to watch, but Not sure about these types of repairs though. I wouldn’t want anything fixed with noodles.

  3. Looks creepy and weird but quick old carbo hit. Just add boiling water from the coffee machine.

    The stuff to get in before a night out or the stuff to eat after a night out…

    Ramen and a two posts before about…Asians???

    Timing…is just about everything…

  4. ………
    …so I might be able to fix my broken picture plate then? :b
    I also eat ramen so this is… unusual.

  5. Imagine if ramen could be used to fix our broken hearts. Crush it up and then smash it in with a ball ping hammer.

  6. I guess that’s superglue in the bottle. Cheaper than Sugru, for sure, but I hear you can mix silicone caulking and corn starch for a homemade Sugru. Filling in is easy, it’s the artistry in reproducing colors and finish that gets my attention.

  7. The big drawback with using pasta for a wood filler is it’s a sure bet that the repairs will attract the destructive noodle mite. Estimates are the creatures are responsible for property damage in the millions each year.

  8. I wonder if it works in a leaky radiator as stop leak??? I’m going run down to the dollar store and pick some up…going to just add it to the antifreeze…

  9. I own a piece of concrete (display portion ~3″ across) made with wheat chaff as a filler.
    Not that that’s got shit to do with shinola, but I admire innovation.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Billy Fuster May 20, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Yeah, like I’m going to spend an hour fixing a bowl that’s worth $1.

    True, I see them at The Dollar Tree. I love that store for certain items. DH broke one of my wine glass in a glass. Neat item to have as you can’t knock it over easily. Well I finally found replacements at the dollar store! No ramen for me, that stuff will kill ya and the video proves it!

  11. Goldenfoxx, “No ramen for me, that stuff will kill ya and the video proves it!”

    Yes! If it can pass as wood filler and all the other repairs, it can’t be very good for our bodies!

    Not worth the carbs, either. Been on a low carb regime for a year and don’t miss it like I thought I would. Feel so much better, too.

  12. Or you could use wood filler, and do the entire job faster and easier.

    Most of these “life hack” videos just do things the most difficult way possible.


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