Rams, NFL settle St. Louis’ lawsuit over franchise’s relocation to Los Angeles for $790 million

ESPN- ST. LOUIS — The NFL and Rams owner Stan Kroenke will pay $790 million to settle a lawsuit filed by St. Louis interests over the team’s relocation to Los Angeles, a joint statement from St. Louis city and county said Wednesday.

The settlement does not include a promise from the NFL to grant St. Louis an expansion franchise in the future, a source familiar with the agreement told ESPN, confirming a report by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. That idea wasn’t seriously discussed, the source told ESPN.

It wasn’t immediately clear how much would be paid by Kroenke and how much would be covered by owners of the league’s 31 other teams.

“This historic agreement closes a long chapter for our region, securing hundreds of millions of dollars for our communities while avoiding the uncertainty of the trial and appellate process,” read a statement from St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and St. Louis County Executive Sam Page. more

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  1. The really were the Greatest Show on Turf until Brady & The Pat’s showed up.
    For those who do not follow, Back around that time Kurt Warner took a lot of hits waiting for the offence to develop their routes. Marshal Faulk (RB) and Warner (Devout Christian) were like watching 2 Captains jointly leading their team. Isaac Bruce, Tory “Big Game” Holt, Rickey Proehl were amazing wide receivers, all co-ordinated by Mike Martz. Very fun to watch!

    Tough Superbowl, watching my 2 favourite teams play each other, The St. Louis Rams vs. the New England Pats but that started the Brady Run to 7 rings.
    Just like when Chicago Blackhawks played The Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup. My favourite Player Jonathan Toews vs my Favourite team Boston.

    I still Have my St. Louis Rams swag.

    L.A. is a joke with the raiders leaving & 2 teams sharing a stadium. (Chargers & Rams) The new fan base is complete crap!

  2. chump change … St. Louis will blow through that cash faster than Hunter Biden on a Chinese-financed Hooker & Crack binge weekend

    Hey! … I got it! why not finance another taxpayer-supported stadium to get the Cardinals to come back?

    … or relocate the Orioles MLB team back to St. Louis & re-call them the Browns
    (oh, please, please, please, dear Lord)

    ain’t this fun?

  3. “St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones”

    I think I see somewhere you went wrong, StL, just right there, think about it for a minute and you’ll see what I mean…

  4. Kcir, I’m with you 100%
    I still have a throwback Kurt Warner #13 Blue & Gold jersey.
    A damn good man who wouldn’t fold like Drew Brees…sigh*

    The 2000 Superbowl against the Titans was epic.
    I too liked both teams in the Rams VS Pats Superbowl.
    I think Mike Martz made some key mistakes in that game and the Rams should have won.
    I also believe that Arizona was jobbed in the Superbowl VS Pittsburgh.
    Dude did NOT get both feet down.
    Either way, Kurt Warner is a great man.

    I think Green Bay may win this year just like Atlanta winning the World Series.
    Just another fuck you to the establishment after Rodgers & the covid bullshit.
    You can ask around on this site, my predictions are genuinely good…

  5. Some NFL teams change cities almost often as I change my socks. And they expect to build a fan base knowing that their team may be a thousand miles away in two years?

  6. RadioMattm, it seems there are just a few teams that move around, and most of them are in/from California.
    The Raiders, Chargers, Rams…
    The fucking Raiders being the worst!
    Yes, Baltimore moved to Indy and H-Town moved to Nashville…
    Small cities like Buffalo, Green Bay, Cincinnati, etc. are able to hang on some how, but a massive state with massive rich cities in Cali can’t?

  7. LBS

    I wanted the Cards to beat the Steelers during that Super bowl too.
    And, Martz did approach the Pats Superbowl incorrectly.

    Green Bay frustrates the Crap out of me and my son but I hope Rogers gives Goddell another F-You the way Brady did after the suspension.

    I’m Taking the day off in Canuckistan to watch football (1st game WILL SUCK) Besides, there are NO PARTS or HVAC Equipment in inventory. The night game should be interesting.


  8. Don’t care, don’t watch and don’t support the National Felons League.
    Flags, standing during the Anthem and Flyovers don’t make up for the bullshit Goodell, the players and the owners pulled for years. Ftnfl.

  9. Jethro

    Let an old man fill you in. I saw the Cleveland Rams play in Cal before your were born. I have been a fan of the only QB to win superbowls with 2 diff teams for 80 years, Stormin Norm VB. Brady has mopre rings and now also 2superbowl teams.

    Rams had a moron coach. Complainned to AT that norm did not run his plays ; but “audibled”. Norm told the Times. Cid’s play would have lost 2 yrds, mine gained 5! Cid traded Norm to the worst team; lost every game they played. 2 years later the beat Bart Starr in superbownl. THE ONLY POST ELIMINATION SEASON GAME BART LOST! Stormin Nom is the only QB to beat
    Bart in a non preliminary game!

    But Rams came West from the East; Ohio. After my birth; but before yours.

  10. Ol exJarhead is right-on. The Rams started out in Cleveland (my home town) in 1936 (American Football League) and lasted until 1945. They won the NFL championship that year and moved to LA the following year. The Browns appeared in 1946 in the All-American Football Conference (AAFC), dominated it through 1949 and moved to the NFL in 1950.

  11. Many shithole democrat cities have a NFL and NBA franchises. Placate the minions with the distraction of sports while the slugs, rapists, pick-pockets, gangs, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, murderers, homeless and democrat politicians ravage their cities.
    Distract, deceit and deception is the name of the game.


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