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Rand Paul Has A Theory – Chief Justice Roberts Wouldn’t Let Him Pursue It

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Senator Rand Paul appears on Fox News with Martha MacCallum to discuss how the impeachment process originated. One of Senator Paul’s concerns centers around staff of Adam Schiff and the HPSCI plotting the impeachment process.

Former NSC member Sean Misko (currently on Schiff’s staff), and former DOJ-NSD head, Mary McCord, may have participated in constructing a whistle-blower complaint eventually presented by CIA operative Eric Ciaramella; using false evidence provided by current NSC member Alexander Vindman.  More

When the senator tried to ask a question seeking information related to his theory, Chief Justice Roberts blocked his inquiry. Here

Paul later held a press conference where he read out his question for all to hear. Watch

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  1. PSA: If anyone happens to see Chief Justice Roberts having a seizure in the hotel swimming pool, please be sure to throw in a box of detergent and a large load of laundry.

  2. Question for the TDS-inflicted left:

    If President Trump is such an absolute tyrant, why are there still players from the previous administration in key positions in his staff?

  3. It can’t be allowed to unravel.
    Literally, $Trillions are at stake.
    Roberts would find himself as dead as Scalia in quick order if he allowed Paul’s questions to be answered (and he knows it).
    The AXIS of corruption is deep and wide, encompassing both parties, time, and space.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I was wondering yesterday, what gives the Chief Justice the right to edit the Senators’ questions?

    Then I snapped out of my nostalgic fantasy of what our country was supposed to be.

  5. …I notice, though, that he went ahead and read Lies With High Cheekbones’ extremely stupid, political smear question, though, even though it was nothing but an ad hominem attack that none of Jen Rubins’s REAL judges would allow…well, no real judge that wasn’t OWNED by the questioner, that is…

  6. FYI – Just received a fax from old Scratch that sez Woodrow WIlson has requested that we not mix coloreds with whites in the swimming pool…

  7. The Chicago Democrat machine has the goods on Roberts. I have been saying that since the day his nomination sailed through with only nominal Democrat resistance.

    History has proven me out. The man is owned, lock stock and barrel, by the Democrat Party. If the bullshit he came up with as pretext for his vote on ObamaCare wasn’t enough to convince then this should leave no doubt.

    I don’t know what thy have on him, but it is enough to let him know that when they say jump the only thing they want to hear from him is: how high.


    1. Sorry, but Chief Justice Roberts was 100% correct not to read that question by Rand Paul.
    Note – Roberts said he wouldn’t read the question ‘as submitted.’
    Why? These words : ‘…how do you respond to reports that Ciaramella and Misko may have worked together to plot impeaching the President before there were formal house impeachment proceedings?’
    I think we can all agree that we want these seditious crooks locked up. Right?
    To do that, we need a JURY VERDICT.
    Which means we need a jury.

    2. A jury needs to be chosen, vetted and then impanelled.
    However, if jurors have already assumed the accused’s guilt because, you know, Senators are making prejudicial statements about them being involved in plots against POTUS – it becomes difficult to find an unbiased juror.
    No jury – no trial.
    And if there’s a grand jury already in place, publicly naming the accused is unhelpful.
    Senator Paul is giving Ciaramella and Misko a great gift here.
    I’m pleased Roberts shut him down.

    3. NOTE that Paul stupidly didn’t ask Roberts if he could re-submit the question.
    It’s likely Roberts would have been OK to name the two, without reference to the ‘plot’. For example:
    ‘Before joining Adam Schiff’s staff, are you aware that House intelligence committee staffer Shawn Misko had a close relationship with Eric Ciaramella while at the National Security Council together?’
    That would have been fine. A qs of FACT that wasn’t prejudicial.
    But Paul couldn’t help himself.

    4. We need to get away from politicians turning Congress into a reality TV show.
    The Democrats and Obama almost destroyed Congress. Trump is trying to restore it’s legitimacy as a hallowed institution.
    Silky gamesmanship – such as that question by Paul,.who is now grandstanding himself on twitter and TV – is exactly the opposite of what’s needed.
    And it will help Ciaramella’s attorneys.
    The end.”

    Thankfully, a bunch of other Senators worded Paul’s question properly and it DID get asked. Schifty was SO sanctimonious in his, “I won’t legitimize that question with an answer” it was HILARIOUS!

  9. @livingthecovelife…

    Based on some crap I saw the other day, they are going to pivot to Article 25 again when Shampeachment fails. Look for “Frontotemporal Dementia”, which is the consensus diagnosis of Twitterdoctors, to be bandied about among the talking heads next week, along with “the stress of impeachment has taken a heavy toll on a beleaguered Trump”.

    And more pictures like the one you linked.

  10. Oh wait…now Rush is talking about some woman who claimed Trump raped her, and she wants a sample of his DNA. So now it looks like a two-pronged attack: Crazy AND Rapey Trump. I guess that’ll have to do until the next Deep State frame-job gets rolling.

    Just keep an eye on Stephanopoulos. He’s always the point man when a narrative is first deployed.


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