Rand Paul: Lindsey Graham Is ‘Dangerously Naive’

Daily Caller: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul went after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham for his comments on President Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Wednesday.

“Contrary to what Senator Paul says, the only way you’re going to get North Korea to give up their nuclear program is for them to believe they are better off without it than with it, and that comes down to Trump convincing them that they can no longer go on the path they’re going without a fight,” Graham said in an earlier statement on The Story with Martha McCallum.

Following those comments, Paul called Graham “dangerously naive.”

“I think in the midst of this historic opening that President Trump has orchestrated, for Lindsey Graham to say he wants to declare war on North Korea is terribly naive, wrong-headed, and the wrong way to go,” Paul continued.  more

11 Comments on Rand Paul: Lindsey Graham Is ‘Dangerously Naive’

  1. I didn’t get that message from Graham. I think he’s tracking with what Trump has orchestrated. I can’t stand the little idiot but I think he’s got this one right.

  2. McCain has had his hand up puppet Lindsee’s ass for so long they speak as if they were twins. South Carolina can and should do a helluva lot better. Rand is correct, we have enough sycophants in congress. What we demand is leadership with consistent conservativism that is brave enough to take decisive actions.
    We will not rest until this country is returned to it’s core values. Enough of these wishy washy bullshit politicians who only seem to be interested in fattening their portfolios.
    Off with their heads.

  3. Rand’s got it wrong. Lindsie’s not dangerously naive,
    he’s head-over-heels in love with McLame.

    And he’ll gouge the eyes of anyone who speaks ill of his bad-boy.

  4. According to Paul, Lindsey is advocating a declaration on war on NoKo to apply additional pressure. Which would not be following DJT’s lead right now. Lindsey and Mcshitstain have never met a country the would not go to war against.

  5. @Anonymous June 14, 2018 at 10:47 am

    “And he’ll gouge the eyes of anyone who speaks ill of his bad-boy.”

    And he’ll scratch the eyes out of anyone who speaks ill of his bad-boy.


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