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Rand Paul: Rubio should resign or give back pay

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“It may have been the most important vote of the year but certainly the largest spending bill of the year … and yeah, I think if you are being paid by the taxpayer you should show up and vote,” Paul said.

“And so I think this is a big issue and I think for him to say he’s only going to show up when he thinks it’s a close vote, I don’t think that passes muster.”  MORE HERE

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  1. I lived and was registered to vote in Massachusetts in 2004. Between Kennedy being sick and Kerry campaigning all year, we really had no representation in the US Senate that whole year. Since that time I have always felt if you are an elected official and you decide to run for a higher office, you should be required to resign from your current position so it can be filled by someone who will actually do the job while you are running. You are a state governor and want to run for the House or Senate seat? Resign as governor. You a US Representative and want to run for Senate? Resign your current position. You a Senator and want to run for President? Resign, and let someone who wants to represent their state full time do the proper job. If you are confident you will win the new position you should have no problems with resigning to concentrate fully on your new goal. It’s time we take away the safety net of these politicians who fall back into the job they refused to do for an entire year if they lose.

  2. There were plenty shitbags present to vote. Rubio got the message that his vote wasn’t needed to pass that looting spree.

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