Rand Paul Says Trump’s Obamacare Order ‘Has The Potential To Be Amazing’


President Donald Trump’s executive order to allow individuals and associations to purchase health insurance across state lines has “the potential to be amazing,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday.

Paul appeared on The Sean Hannity Show where he sold the plan, which he has been working on with the Trump administration for a matter of months, as “legalizing choice.” The senator said that the proposal would likely provide millions of people currently without insurance under Obamacare the opportunity to obtain “low-cost options.”

The Kentucky senator believes that the order will make the health insurance business model work for consumers, instead of how it now operates, with insurance providers dictating the marketplace. “Big insurance is going to have to come on bended knee to the consumers,” Paul told Hannity.  MORE

14 Comments on Rand Paul Says Trump’s Obamacare Order ‘Has The Potential To Be Amazing’

  1. This concept has always made more sense to me than any Government plan ever could. Independent groups can’t form and buy insurance? Seemed it was going that way before the government got involved. Government Healthcare could disappear.

  2. Hannity has been calling for insurance across state lines to increase competition and lower costs for YEARS!!!! Where has the uniparty been and why haven’t they looked at this before? Never mind…….

    Have I said before I hate them all? Thought so.

  3. The concept for buying/selling insurance across state lines has been held in check for many years.
    The powers that be in the District of Corruption have maintained their donors handouts at the expense of the public.


    As long as every person in health care who even pushes a broom makes 6-figure salaries, don’t expect the cost to come down much.

  5. “Paul deserves credit for this idea. Good on DJT for signing of course”

    Very true. Paul describes Trump as somebody he now considers a close personal friend.

  6. “DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION” Jellybean wins the Internets! yay!

    If Rand Paul is onboard with associations and across-state-lines and cafeteria-style options choices, then it means we can have truly inexpensive & effective healthcare for all. I’m talking less than $One Hundy a month premiums.

    When the inevitable howls come from the Democrat Party about Exec Orders being bad, etc we can shove a fucking picture of Emperor Obama in their face and tell them to go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

    We Won. Get Over It.

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