Rand Paul to force Senate vote on Hunter Biden testimony if GOP colleagues back Democrats’ witnesses

WA Examiner:

Sen. Rand Paul said he will force the Senate to vote on whether they want to hear impeachment testimony from Hunter Biden if his colleagues support hearing from witnesses proposed by Democrats.

Biden, 49, was at the center of President Trump’s request for Ukrainian leaders to investigate his father, Joe Biden, for possible corruption. While the elder Biden was leading diplomatic efforts in Ukraine as Obama’s vice president, the younger Biden received a high-paying position on the board of Burisma, an allegedly corrupt natural gas firm in Ukraine.

Many have questioned how Hunter Biden, who had a documented history of drug abuse and no substantial experience in the energy sector, was qualified for a job on Burisma’s board. Some Republicans have argued that Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and Burisma was justified.

Paul, 57, argued that Hunter Biden must testify to help Republicans consider whether Trump’s request for an investigation was substantiated by any corruption. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planned to not call any witnesses forward, but there has been an effort among Republicans, such as Susan Collins, to bring in witnesses such as John Bolton for testimony. read more

3 Comments on Rand Paul to force Senate vote on Hunter Biden testimony if GOP colleagues back Democrats’ witnesses

  1. McConnell is trying to save Lindsey’s butt by not calling any witnesses and getting to the bottom of this whole deal. I think a lot of RINOs would be running for the hills if the trial was really held to find all the guilty culprits.

    President Trump deserves to have this trial to clear up exactly what happened by whom. We deserve to find this out, too.

  2. Every single day, I hate all of Washington even more.
    – Exception: I generally think President Trump is on our side
    – – Though he’s not perfect, he is pretty good.

  3. Right out of the gate the WA Examiner tells a whopper. POTUS Trump did not ask for Biden’s son to be investigated. He wanted the Burisma scandal to be investigated in general.

    To Claudia’s point: Americans not only deserve, but have the right, to know all the particulars. GOPe be damned. If Graham, McConnell, Grassley, et al are guilty — even by dint of having done nothing about something they always knew about — then they need to be exposed. I would hope that Paul Ryan would be caught up in that net, too.


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