Ranking fast food chicken sandwiches

On this week’s episode of Bless Your Rank, Matt figures out which fast food chicken sandwich reigns supreme.

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  1. He looks like he takes his eating seriously so I’ll be guided by his endorsement. I’ve never had any of those but if there comes a time when I’m forced to feed someone I don’t much like I now have a game plan.

  2. @Davy

    I just had one last Friday night. It was outstanding. It’s for a limited time only. Get ’em while you can, folks.

  3. @Davy, @Tim, The BBQ bacon chicken is a summer thing. They have them every summer along with the awesome peach shakes.

  4. Matt accurately points out the pros and cons of the McChicken, mainly that it’s only $1 on the plus side, and the chicken patty is smallish and swimming in mayo.

    But he hasn’t found my solution: for $2, I get two McChickens, one without mayo. I slide the mayo-laden patty into the other one and voilà – a decent chicken sandwich, available anywhere and any time, for only two bucks.

    p.s. McD’s comes and goes with the spicy version. Right now, my local McD’s have ’em.

  5. I had Burger King’s chicken sandwich in the late 70’s and they were pretty good. Haven’t had one since, so guess they tanked like most of their food.

    Davy, “smokehouse bbq bacon chicken sammich”. I’m drooling!

  6. Arby’s Chicken Parmesan sandwich. It was limited time. I also like Burger King’s version, it’s less messy.

  7. Zaxby’s is just dry and nasty. Every one I ever had, in four different states was, anyway…

  8. There’s only so much you can do with a chicken. It’s the add ons that make a good chicken paddy work.

  9. Bojangles is one of the few things I miss from North Carolina.

    Gonna complain to CFA. They do a fair version of a Cobb salad but do not have blue cheese dressing for it. That’s just not a Cobb.

  10. Chick-fil-a knows how to trim a chicken breast. They get rid of the stringy, snotty, fatty stuff. Also, every chicken breast has a bit that is tough to chew and tastes bad. Chick-fil-a gets rid of that bad part also. The customer ends up with a tasty and wholesome sandwich.

  11. I don’t think they serve it anymore, but Jackinthebox used to have a sourdough bacon swiss sandwich that was amazing after a night at the club.

  12. grool
    JULY 16, 2019 AT 4:34 PM
    “Bojangles is one of the few things I miss from North Carolina.”

    …don’t know where you are now, but Bojangles is all over the East, from DC to FL, heavy in TN, AL, GA, SC, VA, all up and down I-75…


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