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Rant Time- Transgenders

I’ve seen a number of right-wing sites, when covering a story about a transgender, use the pronoun that the transgender prefers.

I’m not going to name sites, many, many do it. There is one right now that has a story on their front page that refers to a dude as “she.”

Why do they do this? Are they agreeing that men can be women? It’s very dismaying.

Are there circumstances where I might refer to a dude as “she”?


If I’m in a social setting and I’m specifically told that someone, who is clearly a man, likes to be addressed as she, I might go along because I might not care to make a scene. And if the person was especially nice, sure. But I’m doing it despite what I truly believe.

If I had a friend that believed he was Napoleon Bonaparte I would call him Nappy as a courtesy. If I was being deposed and they asked if I believed Nappy was Napoleon Bonaparte I would have to give them a big fat no. Otherwise, I’m insane too.

If you want to address guys as she in personal settings because “you don’t want no trouble,” fine. But why are you doing it with stories on blogs where you have no skin in the game?

Have I missed a memo? Do conservatives actually believe that a man can become a woman? Or are we just being nice to the entire transgender community because “we don’t want no trouble”?


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  1. It’s the latter, or mild cowardice if you please. People who do this in their publishing don’t want to be distracted or worse by any of the usual blowback. Their fear is at least partially justified.

    I recommend using no pronouns at all. Always refer to the gender dysphoric head cases by name. I don’t care what Jenner’s preferred pronouns are, for example. If I were to need to use his full name, I’d use whatever his legal name is. Is Jenner still legally Bruce?

  2. Sure, Bruce Jenner is a woman, Rachael Madow is a man, bowie bergdahl served honorably, Hillary was just careless and Obama wasn’t an inept coward.

    Lying is the new normal.
    Perversion is to be accepted, betrayal is admired and corruption is carelessness and incompetence is revered.

  3. call ’em a … goy

    … sounds better than a birl

    fuque it … call ’em what they are …. attention-starved (either them, or their parents) nutjobs …. you can’t change your DNA hon … get over yourself

  4. I think the jest of this is whether or not ‘you, me, we, they or us, want to create a scene where the ‘potentially offended’ would have their snowflake feelings hurt or worse yet; violated. How about if I call them dumbshit, stupid ass, numb-nuts, fucking-fake attention whores?……I could go on.

  5. They are 1.5 percent of the population that gets 70 percent of the attention. I don’t address them at all.

  6. Milo likes to be called a bitch, I’m easy. My brother in law
    who is bacla I just call by his name. It’s fine with it.

  7. I walk away. There’s a reason the mentally ill are shunned; they can be unpredictable, dangerous.

  8. Is this a good time to mention that inside my 6’1″ cisgendered Caucasian male self is an adopted African Albanian albino bilateral amputee lesbian dwarf and yet another gender to be named later.

  9. It’s “lazy thinking” on the part of those right wing blogs, BUYING INTO/VALIDATING THE NARRATIVE, whether intentionally or not.

  10. Until they can actually change every single one of those pesky Y chromosomes, then no matter how many times you change the window dressing, they is what they were born to be….but if those web sites and news sites are to cowardly to print the truth, and since the SJW crowd HATES to be labeled with those perverted pronouns, then satisfy everyone and just call them what they are…instead of “he” or “she”, use the impersonal SJW approved term: “IT”.

    MSG Grumpy

  11. Keep in mind it is what THEY identify with.
    Since when does ANYONE have to be obligated, if not forced, to recognize and enable this insanity?
    If I “identified” as a Billionaire do you think the bank is gonna recognize that?
    Of course not. To Hell with these sick, twisted attention-seekers and their enablers in the Media. Git thee to a mental institution!

  12. I avoid pronouns and refer to the gender confused as person, individual, human being, entity, living organism, anything but a pronoun or their fake name.

  13. If the dirtbags get away with changing the language to their preferred meaning then we lose another round in the cultural war!

  14. Instead of saying Caitlyn Jenner, we could use “The She-Creature Formerly Known as Bruce.”

    OK, maybe that would be unkind. How about “The Biped Formerly Known as Bruce” … or maybe “The Jenner Entiity”

  15. How bout “the Pervert?”
    Or “the Retard?”
    Or “the Mentally Ill Bruce Jenner?” (if referring to Mr. Jenner).

    “A man will rather put himself into physical danger than give offense.”

    Speaking truth is absolutely forbidden – and hinting at facts isn’t far behind.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. I commonly see supposed Right Wing sites using terminology that, In Every way, legitimizes the left’s perspective.

    Antifa – They’re FASCISTS, NOT ANTI Facists!
    Moderate Republican – Socialists masquerading as Republicans ARE NOT MODERATES!!!! They’re EXTREMISTS. The Moderates are the level headed legit Right Wingers that everyone seems to refer to as FAR – Right? WTF? Most if not ALL of these supposed FAR Right are happy with some level of tiered tax tables, social programs, and other redistribution schemes. There is nothing far right about that.
    Far Right – Non existent today. If you see a RINO referring to the “Far Right”, it’s because that RINO is a SOCIALIST.
    Center Left – aka Joe Manchin. And that is questionable.
    Progressive “Values” – Non – existant

  17. No rant here. No one will ever convince me that cutting off a guy’s pecker will change his chromosomes.

  18. A number of these so-called comservative blogs have the “cross the aisle” disease like most of Congress. They don’t want to be identified as radical. They’re afraid of the left who have ownership of promoting the delusions of the mentally ill to warp the culture.

  19. “right-wing sites” buying into and using any left-wing PC verbiage have surrender their balls.

  20. When the feminists were freaking out about sexist speech, demanding gender neutral language such as “chairperson” instead of “chairman,” I thought it was anti-Hispanic racist, because in Spanish, the names of inanimate objects have gender.

    Now I think the only pronoun we should use is “it.”

  21. I prefer to call all the LGBT’s, fartknockers.
    Every one of them has a fetish for that hole.

  22. Some years back there was a man dressed as a woman managing a small apartment building I was sent to.

    Nothing feminine about him. Wouldn’t pass anywhere. So what do you do with someone like this and you’re just doing business and will be on your way shortly?

    First, I had to stifle my WTF reaction to seeing him when I entered his office. Mind you, I’ve taken care of a gay church since the early 90s and have no problem with people’s sexuality being different from mine – as long as they don’t constantly hit on me – we’re good. But he was so bad at it, you wondered why he even tried.

    Second, even though he gave me his female name – I never used it. You’re going to have to be a lot better at it before that happens. Otherwise, I’m wondering if you’re going to go all “Psycho” on me. Glad he didn’t know where I showered.

    Third, I did my job and moved on. He doesn’t need my thoughts about him. I don’t need to be around him and vice versa.

    Talked with the owner of said building about this guy’s embarrassingly bad attempt at dressing as a woman and he felt pretty much the same. Even had an eye roll when I brought him up. And he’s gay.

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