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Rantz: Seattle experiment says no jail time for crime, but has taxpayers split bill

My Northwest:

Under an experimental program in King County, first-time criminals will not see jail time for crimes, nor pay restitution. Instead, the suspects get a pass from any jailtime or record, with the “community” choosing the punishment. Plus, as an added bonus, county taxpayers will quite literally pay for the crimes.

It’s the latest scheme from King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to give a pass to criminals, while giving himself the ability to ignore his job. And even though these crimes disproportionately occur in Seattle, it’ll be the entire county that pays. more

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  1. Well I know where I will be vacationing this year! Come on everybody, let’s go to Kings County and go on a crime spree!

  2. No words.
    A beautiful place inhabited by dumb elitists who vote for even dumber people. I can’t wait till Seattle’s policies go national if Biden and his angry band of thieves get into the White House. Yeah.

    People will miss Trump.

  3. The concept of vigilantism demands that the government make a good faith effort to see that the victim receives justice. When government does not make a good faith effort it naturally follows that government has forfeited its legitimacy in holding a monopoly on the dispensation of justice.

    It’s survival of the fittest. Reverting to the law of the jungle. Those with a reputation for ruthlessly dealing with criminals will be the only ones who enjoy relative safety and security in such a shithole as Seattle.

  4. @Joe I know! My BFF is waaaaay Left yet lives in Columbus OH where homelessness is under control and taxes are reasonable. Thank God Ohio is getting more and more R. It’s brave to advocate for crazy progressive policies like Seattle’s if you never actually have to experience them. *sigh*

  5. Illustr8r
    What if I were to tell you, in my best Rod Serling voice, Biden may concede in the next couple days?Just like Bannon said.

  6. Corrupt prosecutor gives pass to fellow criminals….where have I heard this before….

    Oh yeah.


    Ya’ just wait for the crooked prosecutor to meet up and collect his share of the heists from the crooks he set free…then you smash a bunch of stuff and leave everyone tied up for the police commissioner to find.

    Seems pretty straightforward. Someone hop to it.

  7. @Brad Um what?!?
    I’ve not heard such a theory! Is Biden going to concede as to not open up the election to actual scrutiny of the what his minions did?

  8. Rantz is Ben Shapiro light.
    He is not a President Trump supporter.
    He is all for Jason Rantz.
    He has called for President Trump to step aside and let Biden take over more then once.
    He is a snake who wants you to think he is on our side, he is not. Listen to him and watch him suck up on FOX news he is only selling Rantz, he is young and dumb,but thinks he is smart.
    He has some good points on local news but I will listen to Dory Monson first for local news.
    Nw listeners will know both.

  9. Geoff, I agree. For a long time Rantz would always describe himself as a “gay” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) conservative. If I was him I would keep the fact that I like guys to fuck me in the ass a secret. I was tired of him the second time I heard him.

  10. Seattle pseudo Constitutional conservative radio personalities have always been as phony as a three dollar bill. They are opportunists and never to be trusted.

  11. @Joe @Brad Wow! Well, stranger things have happened I guess. We’ll just have to see,eh?

    @Geoff @Joe I was really disappointed when Jason Rantz just casually accepted the results of the presidential election. I thought it was strange and figured he was told too do so to keep his spot on FoxNews or something. I think he’s funny and he writes well about Seattle. We don’t need another lMedved though. I wish Rantz would snap out of it!

  12. @Brad

    I hate socialists & crooks but…

    Crooked liberals Will never step aside. They Believe the end justified the means regardless of how it is arrived at.

    Look at how many times P.O.S. Turdeau has been openly caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and he just keeps going.

    He actually believed he is good for the Country, the World, & Humanity. Global warming etc.

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