Rare Color Film of Post-War Berlin 1945

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  1. How would we fare if is ever happened here in America?

    Would there be a Marshall Plan? A fascinating treasure, yes, but a frightening picture of what could happen.

  2. Good question, Moe Tom, but my guess is that if this ever happened in the United States, there would be no Marshall Plan designed to rebuild the country. Strategically valuable areas would probably be rebulit (harbors, major transportation hubs, accessible manufacturing areas), but much of the country may go the way of Carthage, Acre, Antioch, and other cities which were major centers but largely do not exist today.

    The United States was pretty unique in rebuilding conquered nations after World War II, but it seems more likely that a victorious nation would resemble the Mongols rather than the US.

  3. I’ve seen these before. Unreal to imagine pre-war Berlin. A great book which captures the detail of that city is the one by Eric Larson, “In The Garden of Beasts”. The story of another failed U.S. ambassador appointee from Chicago.

  4. As a high school student, I was part of a group allowed to visit East Berlin in 1977, and there were parts (at least) of the city that still looked exactly like parts of this video. The rubble had been cleared, but the buildings were still bombed-out shells. The contrast between East and West Berlin was a great lesson to me about the strength of capitalism over the weakness of communism. We were guided to a “fancy” East Berlin hotel for lunch, supposedly one of the finest, and the interior decor felt like we were in a museum. We surmised that the hotel had not been bombed, and the dining room had never been redecorated since the war. The food was good, and extremely inexpensive, but very basic. Nothing like what was available in West Berlin and the rest of West Germany.

    I have always wanted to take my wife back to see Germany and the rest of Europe, but now it appears we have waited too long. The Islamization of Europe has turned it into a Third World area that my wife is no longer interested in seeing. These are momentous times we are living in.

  5. Golly — When I was in the AF in the late 70’s and 80’s, I traveled a lot in Germany, Holland, France, etc. It was really a wonderful experience. Now I picture places that I’ve visited overrun by islamists and I can’t even imagine how much there is to destroy. It’s a crying shame on the EU leaders and the people to allow this “migration.” It really is. I similarly think about our own cities and towns and what will happen to the U.S. if obama’s immigration plans come to pass. Any office holder who advocates for this should be horse whipped.

  6. In almost all documentaries about Hitler and WWII there’s a penultimate scene showing a guy carving up a dead horse lying on the street for food.

    Just like the fat lady singing,when horse cutting dude shows up, you know it’s wrap up time for your Nazi video and time to fetch the Three Stooges DVD .

  7. I was there in the early 1980’s. When ever I traveled around German cities I played the game “Find the bullet holes or pock marks, or bomb craters”. I won with some friend at the eagles nest in the alps when I noted all the little ponds with frogs and reeds at 7000 feet (500 lbs bomb craters).

    I was with my dad in 1985 in Nuremberg. He had passed through in late May 1945. He couldn’t believe how well the German rebuilt the place. It was tough to find bullet holes there, probably because the Allied air forces did such a good job on the place.

  8. Interesting timing on posting this. Friday I stopped by the 45th Inf. Div museum in OKC. I took a “selfie” of myself in Hitler’s mirror from the Furerbunker using my 1937 Zeiss Super Ikonta. I’m anxious to finish up the roll and hope it turns out.

    A member of the 45th was attached as liaison with the Soviet troops who took Berlin. The curator said the Russians stripped the place bare, but for some reason didn’t take the mirror, so the GI brought it home.

    If you are ever in the area it’s a great little museum with free admission. Bill Mauldin’s works are displayed as he was a member of the 45th. Likewise memorabilia from Hitler’s Munich apartment and Dachau both also liberated by the 45th along with other units.

  9. Golly, you should visit Eastern Europe. There are few if any muslims, they like Americans, cities are authentic, and the cost is cheap. I highly suggest Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and the Croatian coast.

  10. I was in Nuremberg in 2008 and was surprised to see that there is still black smoke damage on the outside of some of the buildings.
    Don’t think I would go back now to see the invasion going on.

  11. No shit? This is from 1945 Berlin? I could have sworn it’s from 2025 Berlin after ten years of Filthy Moslem Savages fucking the place up.

    And Abigail Adams, make that “pro-illegal immigration politicians should be BULLwhipped” and I’ll sign on to it

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