Rare pink grasshopper found in Texas garden


AUSTIN (KXAN) — A rare pink grasshopper was found by a KXAN viewer in her garden on Sunday.

Angela Barger sent us this beautiful photo of a pink — yes, pink — grasshopper in southwest Austin, and come to find out, there aren’t many pink grasshoppers around.

Why are they pink? 

12 Comments on Rare pink grasshopper found in Texas garden

  1. Thats not a normal Texas grasshopper. It’s a Buttigieg assgrabber. This might be a bad sigh. It could mean that these pink assgrabbers have invaded Texas. Probably found a welcoming home in Austin first.

  2. Maybe it’s confused and turned pink because it didn’t know if it was a boy or girl grasshopper. Someone will probably declare it to be endangered because it’s the first tranny grasshopper that they’ve found so far.


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