Rashida Tlaib Detained During Airport Protes

Daily Caller:

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib was taken into custody, then immediately released Friday during a protest at Detroit Metro Airport.

The Michigan lawmaker was part of a protest involving picketing Delta catering workers at the airport’s McNamara Terminal, according to WXYZ Detroit.

Diana Hussein of the union group Unite Here posted pictures of the protest, which reportedly blocked traffic: MORE

13 Comments on Rashida Tlaib Detained During Airport Protes

  1. So a Muslim congress woman is protesting with a Muslim union leader representing Airport workers. What is wrong with this picture?

  2. What cavity search? It’s already well known that there is nothing in the brain of Tlaib.
    She’s a total tool of Hamas!

  3. Why “IMMEDIATELY released?”

    She deserves a good tazing and ‘hickory shampoo,’ same as the NEXT mohammedan! 😉

  4. ‘Immediate release’. Congressional privilege, don’t cha know!

    And we, their employers, let them get away with exempting themselves from laws they make PLUS they get to vote for their own raises and benefits and perks.

    Congress and all government workers should get no more than our American military in perks and benefits PLUS whether or not they get a raise should be voted on by their own district constituents.

  5. Hey, WandalShepard!

    My last month’s paycheck (and every other prior month’s paycheck) was “I Love It”… after getting tired of being homesick for Americans, leaving the Washington, DC area after 27 years, and moving out and into where the Americans are at.

    Try it. You might like it.

    Otherwise, quit bothering this site. Nobody here is very likely interested in your bogus BS.


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