Rashida Tlaib Wants The Fed To Bail Out Her City

Daily Caller: Rep. Rashida Tlaib wanted to know during a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday why the Federal Reserve wouldn’t bail out Detroit, which she partially represents.

“My city filing for bankruptcy was devastating to so many retirees, sir. Forty, 50 years they worked for the city of Detroit, saw their pensions completely diminished, gone,” the Michigan Democrat told Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

She also asked about Puerto Rico. WATCH

21 Comments on Rashida Tlaib Wants The Fed To Bail Out Her City

  1. Wait? …..WHAT!
    Anti-America “Rash” wants America to bail out her city/county/state from its poor choices?
    Ummmmmm……..let me think about it for a second.
    (one second later) NOPE!
    The handwriting was on the wall decades ago, and you never did anything to correct it.
    Now stew in it all.
    Yer on yer own, bitch.

  2. Einstein said it best. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. First time was a big mistake. Second time would be criminal.

  3. How about going and asking the Unions that represented those people who worked for 50 years what they did with all the money (other than giving it to politicians who wasted it).

    Fed response should be “Stuff it!”

  4. Detroit is now also asking for someone to either pay for or ignore delinquent water bills as too many people are losing water service for unpaid bills. I can absolutely guarantee you these people that aren’t paying their bills have huge televisions and expensive cellphones.

  5. Hell, why not? Just take any and all money allocated for the Palestinians (or any middle east or Somalia group) and re-direct it (under federal control, perhaps one of Trumps managers) to Detroit. Institute means testing for retirees to determine what level of benefit they actually require and start to rebuild the pension fund (including changes to current fund increasing member payments) with absolutely NO union input.

  6. How ’bout we stuff all the DEE-troit DEADBEATS (STARTING with her) into the nearest catapult, and make them somebody ELSE’S problem (sorta like SHE wants to do with DEE-troit, vis-a-vis TAX-PAYING America!!!)?! 😡

  7. But she is against Trump for trying to re-build all aspects of American manufacturing.

    Tlaib’s Truth: Free Money = Good
    Job Opportunity = Bad & Racist

    Reminds me of the Palestinians: Paid to riot!

  8. Her idea of rebuilding the city is to raise several minarets across the skyline with speakers blaring the call to prayer.

  9. Detroit???? I thought her city was Palestine. Yeah, make Detroit Murder City again like it was back in the 60’S before Chicago took the title.

    What a filthy lyin ugly muzzy.


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