Rashida Tlaib’s Detroit

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  1. Detroit will always be Mecca? Detroit’s a shithole, so I guess that makes Mecca a shithole. Fat cows, all of em. No wonder their “men?” prefer sheep and goats.

  2. Hammering away at the nations framework from every direction by well funded malcontents. How long before an explosion of retribution occurs?

  3. …again, Islam promotes only Islam. The Koran allows no governance but from the Koran, considers non-Muslims subhuman, and is 100% a “Convert or Die” religion.

    They are not here to increase our diversity. They are here to destroy it.

    NO thought outside the Koran is allowed. NO other religion outside of Islam is allowed. NO government outside Islam is allowed. They only take positions in other forms of Government to destroy them so Islam can take over.

    Tlab is no different.

    Get used to this, they’re here, and they’re breeding, and often inbreeding, which is encouraged by the Koran because it produces offspring that are both violent and stupid, which is PERFECT for Islamic control. Whatever else you think of “Obama”, he did a bang-up job of strategically seeding them in politically important areas, where they will infect and decay from within while bringing in more and more from overseas. It’s critical mass now, and nothing short of new Crusades or the Lord coming back will STOP it.

    …and I don’t see new Crusades on the horizon…

    …they also can’t be dealt with because the Democrats want them to destroy Christianity for them, as that Christ fellow, like to the Pharasee before them, is quite a stumbling block. Deprived an opportunity to crucify HIM, they will content themselves with crucifying his followers via their Islamic proxies, while defending every outrage, every murder, every molested child, every rape as a First Amendment religious exercise, and you’re a racist if you even MENTION it.

    They think they can get rid of them once they’ve used them.

    …Funny thing is, Islam views the Democrat party the EXACT SAME WAY. Use the donkeys to infiltrate and to shield them from any scrutiny, count on them to deflect any criticism, and give them money and positions that they can use to subvert and destroy our Country. Then, again, once WE’RE gone, turn and destroy their benefactors just like Mohammad did in Medina after the hijrah HE used to take over Arabia. Worked THEN, will work NOW. The Devil is not creative, but when dealing with the ignorant, the violent, the evil, and those that willfully ignore history, he doesn’t NEED to be.

    And if they COULD rid themselves of us, the Democrats have few that could actually, effectively shoot BACK.

    …the America we know and love will die. It’s enemies have been too effective, and have been allowed to teach our children for too long. This will be the last generation with even the MEMORY of freedom, President Trump is just a pause in the death spiral to allow a final opportunity for repentance.

    After him, the deluge.

    They will destroy this Country, but they will NOT overcome the Lord. Trust in HIM and Him alone. Fight, defend, protect your loved ones, but at the end of the day, the battle is HIS and will be won by no other.

  4. @gin blossom December 2, 2019 at 9:13 am

    > How long before an explosion of retribution occurs?

    Never trust a conservative fshart

    They are NOT Americans and
    one day they will have to be destroyed…

  6. @RADIOATIONMAN HAM/CB/AM/FM/SSB December 2, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    If! If… Only if.
    If only there weren’t a United Nations duly recognized puppet standing in the way. A puppet that (too?) many Americans try to lick the boots of, while throwing money.

  7. There is a left/swamp/Islamic axis, whose goal is to enslave the rest of us.

    Romney, Obama, Bloomberg, soros, Roberts, tlaib, Clinton and Pelosi are all on the same side against us.

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