Ratings for Impeachment Inquiry Suggests Americans Are Not Into It

20 million people watched the Blasey Ford testimony. 19.5 million watched Comey’s testimony.

Only 13 million tuned into the impeachment farce.

Lefties are alarmed and a little pissed.

The Federalist-

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  1. Amerikkkans are too stupid to know how much we love them and that we know what’s best for everyone, it makes me so mad I want to punish them all.

  2. The number of people watching or the number that are interested in impeachment one way or the other are not important.

    The only thing important is what the House and Senate do, and they aren’t particularly well known for caring about what the people want.

  3. I also don’t hear anyone anywhere talking about it. They should be thrilled no one is watching so they can get away with their edited coverage and bs interpretation.

  4. President Trump has been poisoned and has been put in the hospital.

    “Update to the following: White House staff and secret service HAVE CONFIRMED THE FOLLOWING DID INDEED HAPPEN. Alex was notified because he was the biggest voice, able to reach the most people quickly. The suspicion is that a binary poison was used. Binary poisons do nothing if only one chemical half is eaten, but if the other part of the poison is eaten it then combines and does the poisoning. That’s how they would get the poison past the food testers. Obviously if it is polonium it would get past a food tester also. It is not known exactly what the poison is, only that it happened.
    They are positive it is a chemical agent and not bacterial.

    BOOOM!! Alex Jones just said Trump went to the hospital due to poison concerns
    Let’s hope that’s not the case, but I have been saying “polonium” or alternate to it for at least a week. I did not say this without a reason. I am concerned to the core about this. And who would deliver the poison? Why not Kushner, there is zero doubt Kushner wants Trump out of office. Too bad he’s an advisor.
    VERY WORRIED. If Alex is now covering this, it’s SHOWTIME.”

    Alex Jones talks to Millie Weaver who delivers groundbreaking details on this and more
    The Alex Jones Show – NOVEMBER 18, 2019

  5. I don’t watch the impeachment circus for a couple of reasons. First, I have a job. But second, I also tune out my gaggle of aunts and female cousins who also engage in “so I heard from Edna, who learned from her hairdresser, that Mimi was seen flirting with that handsome bartender despite the fact that Gina claimed that she heard that he was pretending to be busy….” Yes, the Democrat party has turned into the nosy neighbor coffee klatch – only less relevant because I actually care a little about Mimi.

  6. Anyone — left or right — with even a smidgen of political acumen already understands that the Democrats are on a dead end line with this entire process. It doesn’t matter what the Great and Secret Schiff Show does, because it’s DOA in the Senate. This is just political grandstanding of a particularly fetid and pointless sort. Hell, Ford’s testimony was credible and compelling compared to what’s going on now, and she was the least credible witness to appear before Congress since Anita Hill.

  7. That’s why Nancy came up with the polled word, bribery. Gender studies and other sexual deviants are not real big on Latin.

  8. Suck it up and watch.
    No, I’d rather storm the beach. More dangerous, sure, but way more exciting and at least I’d be allowed to shoot the enemy.

  9. And 10 of the 13 million are get Trump if they have
    to nuke the whole country; true and evil believers.
    The conservatives are just about all at work and
    neither have the time or interest to watch ppl that
    they know are liars give another dog and pony show.

  10. A snooze fest isn’t my way of filling in a day. I get the highlights from the web.
    Anyway looking at Rat Schiff for too long makes me homicidal.


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