Ratings Plummet for ABC’s Ambitious Gay Rights Drama ‘When We Rise’

HS: ABC can’t be accused of underplaying When We Rise, its eight-hour drama miniseries chronicling the struggles and setbacks of LGBT activists in the 20th century.

Some thought the show, created by award-winning gay activist Dustin Lance Black and aired on four nights this week, goes out of its way to portray middle America as intolerant homophobes. When We Rise received saturation ad coverage during the Oscars ahead of its premiere this week, to the extent that one Twitter commentator joked that if he drunk alcohol every time he saw an advert for the show, he’d be dead by the end of the Academy Awards broadcast.

But part one of When We Rise flopped on Monday. As a result, ABC rescheduled Modern Family to run just before the second installment to boost ratings. However, viewership of the second part fell almost 1 million viewers from its premiere, netting an audience of only 2.05 million on Wednesday, which is pathetic for prime-time slot on a commercial TV network.  more

23 Comments on Ratings Plummet for ABC’s Ambitious Gay Rights Drama ‘When We Rise’

  1. I guess America a little less accepting. than you thought. A lesson that was lost on the soon to be defunct Target

  2. never watched the oscars and never heard of this show, so could not make a conscious effort to ignore it.

  3. Few want to deny gays the right to a happy existence, unless that happiness requires that they ram their mostly undesirable lifestyles down everyone else’s throats. Tolerance does not mean the same thing as exuberant support. Get that through your thick faggot skulls, and we’ll all get along just fine.

  4. Good. Hit them in the wallet often enough and maybe, just maybe they will stop preaching at us.
    Nobody cares. Can’t you get it? Nobody cares, except your 2% membership.

  5. Shocker – mainstream America doesn’t want to watch an 8-part series on gay struggles. You couldn’t produce better Gitmo torture material if you tried.

  6. Saw the adverts. That initially caught me attention because I recognized the actors Mary Loiise Parker & Guy Pearse. Quickly lost interest when the show was described as being about the Rise of Social Justice Warroirs. And thought wth would want to watch that? Not many was the answer

  7. I thought the premise was “How patriarchal homos oppressed the liberation out of brilliant lesbians?”

  8. I don’t watch tv anymore 20+ years. It was obvious to me that the liberals were pushing their agenda.

  9. The mentally ill declaring their right to be mentally ill – got that. It’s not OK to harrass others into thinking being mentally ill is normal. That’s not entertainment. No surprise the ratings for that deviant mess sank like a stone.

  10. I miss everything about the 50’s and early 60’s television programs- we only had 7 channels and they were all good family shows at night.

  11. Most docu-dramas don’t do well. And I think people got turned off by Black and his inappropriate relationship with that child Daley.

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