Ratio of 95 to 1 Democrats to Republican Professors Donate Strictly Along Party Lines

Campus Reform

A recent study found that U.S. college professors donate exclusively to Democrats over Republicans by a 95:1 ratio. Two researchers, Heterodox Academy Director of Research Sean Stevens and Brooklyn College Professor Mitchell Langbert conducted the study, published by the National Association of Scholars.

They looked at the political donations of 12,372 college professors at universities in 31 states and the District of Columbia during the past two election cycles in 2015-16 and 2017-18.

Stevens and Langbert conducted their study by looking at political donation data available from the Federal Election Commission.

Of those professors, 2,112 made political donations, 2,081 of which were donated to Democrats. Just 22 of those 2,112 professors donated to Republicans. Nine professors donated to both Republicans and Democrats, according to the study. More

11 Comments on Ratio of 95 to 1 Democrats to Republican Professors Donate Strictly Along Party Lines

  1. Great. So the higher educated have lower moral standards.

    Not good for the future.

  2. Send your kids to trade school. They’ll actually learn something and likely be able to find a job when they’re done. As a bonus you’ll likely recognize them on completion.

  3. Again, they know which side the bread is buttered on. When it comes to funding, education is a gaping ravenous maw and a bottomless pit. The Dems use education people as their money launderers just like they do with Planned Parenthood as these organizations almost exclusively donate to Dems and other progs. And what do we get in return? Uneducated, illiterate, emotionally incontinent, gender-confused, entitled automatons. Burn the Depart of Ed to the ground and completely eliminate all tenure.

  4. Proves liberals are smart enough to be professors and teach facts, unlike uneducated science denying conservatives.

  5. Billy Fuster JANUARY 24, 2020 AT 5:40 PM

    Can’t turn them into doctors and nurses without sending them there. Sent with instructions to keep their heads down and get grades good enough to get to the next rung on the ladder.

  6. Not only that, but Perfessers are expected to donate – it’s like union dues, or more like we got you these high salaries for a good reason, cough it up!
    Hey kids! Didja know yer parents donate to the democRAT party like it or not?

  7. Here. I will Fix College.
    All those who were sold a college loan for a ridiculous major have right to legal redress from the loan officer, the College through their counselors, and the Alumni for allowing such shit to happen.
    Get your money out of them and watch the College Major field thin out to marketable skills only in two years.


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