‘rats Gnawing At Our Foundations

We pride ourselves upon being a nation of laws, but those laws are only as meaningful as the institutions entrusted to enforce them. All too often we’ve seen democrats view laws as flexible, a hindrance to their ends. Our institutions must be hollowed out in an effort to circumvent inconvenient  laws.

John Nolte documents four glaring examples Here

Perhaps the nation needs to form an Inspector Generals Office just to oversee the democratic party. Heaven’s know the press won’t do it.

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  1. So we now know the real scandal, the real reason they are so hell bent on keeping the russia nonsense alive, the real reason they are covering up and continuing to triple down on obstruction felonies, is the fact they were talking among themselves on a plan to kill Trump. You can reach no other conclusion. This is why certain congressmen are so confident in saying this scandal will shock America to its core. It will also legitimize all of the past speculation and opinion that the FBI and the American government were behind the assassination of JFK, RFK, MLK, and the shooting of Ronald Reagan. Americans mistrust of these criminals will turn to pure hate and all bets are off.



  2. Our nation, as founded, is both amazingly robust and exceptionally fragile. We cannot and will not survive the destroyers who pursue the corruption for their own interests, nor those who don’t care enough to notice them, much less do something about them.

    We all knew things are bad but I had no idea how actively destructive to our nation the Swamp actually is. The FBI news is shocking, and I don’t shock easily anymore.

    We have only two possible remedies for all that’s wrong with us. The first option has already been neutralized by education (indoctrination). The second, they’re working on tirelessly.

  3. Don’t worry. If Strzok and those text messages say anything related to assassinating Trump, then it was be taken out of context.

    Just like the Secret Society that is taking out an insurance policy based on probably nothing but wouldn’t it be great to take part in this investigation I’m working on if it ultimately leads to impeaching that guy I hate. Oops, better finish up my Mid Year Review. Not Guilty. Ding – now where’s my promotion?

    All out of context. He should have said something about grabbing pussies but, based on his other text messages, the FBI was paying his hands for an all the pussy you can grab buffet.

  4. The Canadian Pharm guy and his wife
    Honey got knocked off.I wonder who is
    next??? The Clinton list is up to 60 now ???
    plus 1800 innocents that were aboard the
    planes & helos that went down….

  5. The democrats can only get away with whatever the republicans LET them get away with. I wish the republicans would grow some testicles and kick some ass.

  6. @Mike Brown is an American Hero January 24, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    > Americans mistrust of these criminals will turn to pure hate and all bets are off.

    Not likely. How often have you seen someone proclaim “All the” (pick an organization) “are incompetent and corrupt.”? Only to walk it back with “Except the” (pick a gender) “that I supported. They’re the only one fighting the good fight. Against all those tramps and thieves.”. So says everyone with a stake in the game. Somehow everybody else’s is corrupt. Everybody’s everybody else’s.

  7. The link skipped the NSA deleting years of evidence they already swore to a court they were holding for their own trial.

  8. @grool January 24, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    > Our nation, as founded, is both amazingly robust and exceptionally fragile.

    America, as founded, lasted just 8 years.

  9. Anonymous above, I dont think so. I think killing Trump will cause something we have not seen before. I have paid close attention to the Bundy Ranch case and the Finicum case. I also watch a lot of recordings from local meetings of town councils and stuff. There is a segment of people around this country, not pussys from the urban shitholes, that are boiling. As far away as we are from any kind of real widespread revolt, we can get there in an instant. I can 100% guarantee that if they kill Trump you will see numerous retaliation killings against leftists politicians. The antifa shit will look like girl scouts. And when the FBI retaliates it will notch it up even higher. Those strangers that showed up in Nevada were willing to get shot by the FBI & BLM when they stood with Bundy. And he was just a local cowboy. If they harm Trump it will be a disaster.

  10. @Mike Brown is an American Hero January 24, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Donald Trump is one of the few pols who hasn’t earned an extremely prejudicial fate, yet. But,

    “If they harm Trump it will be a disaster.”

    If you’re analysis is right, then I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  11. “If men were Angels, we would need no Government.”

    We appoint Technocrats to positions of authority. Technocrats are amoral. Probity, prudence, and some other p-words are no longer required for entrance.

    “He writes a good brief.” “He’s an exceptional liar.” “She brings home the bacon.” These are the accolades leading to higher office and/or position.

    A Republic has always depended upon the intelligence and high level of informed citizenry to function. Sadly, we have allowed our educational “system” to be debased, churning out millions of ignorant dullards every year, for over a century, bringing us to this critical point.

    We must re-insert morality into the equation.

    izlamo delenda est …

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