Rats on a plane!

NBC10: A rat found scuttling around the cabin forced a Chinese airliner to return to an airport shortly after takeoff on Friday morning.

rat found on airline

The rodent was found shortly after the Loong Air flight left the eastern city of Hangzhou for the southwestern resort city of Xishuangbanna, the airline said on its official microblog.

It wasn’t clear how the rat gained access to the plane, although the official Xinhua News Agency said it wasn’t brought on board as a pet and may have arrived with the meal service. Along with worrying passengers, rats can damage a plane’s electrical and other systems.

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  1. WJC – you are not far from reality. I saw people in China buying rats in a market. I also flew in a regional Chinese airliner. I almost expected people to board the plane with livestock. It was creepy.

  2. Poor little fellow. Always wanted to travel, broaden his horizons. Guess his papers weren’t in order.

  3. @Mao was a rat!: Mao may not have actually been a rat, but I heard that he did eat mice. That’s probably why he had a mousey tongue.


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