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Ray Epps’ Lawyer Says He’s Not a Fed – Lawyer Is Former FBI

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The attorney for Capitol Hill protest participant Ray Epps, former FBI agent John Blischak, told The Epoch Times on Jan. 12 that his client has been interviewed by federal law enforcers and “unequivocally he is not an FBI informant.” More

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  1. And if you believe that: Have I told you that I have a beautiful ocean front property in Arizona you I can let you have real cheap?

  2. Not a “direct” informant.
    Maybe he’s managed and paid by the same foreigners who created the steele dossier?

  3. “Unequivocally he is not an FBI informant.” well that doesn’t mean he wasn’t working for the FBI or Democrats. He just wasn’t an informant.

  4. playing the word game here…

    perhaps he’s a fed asset.
    or a outside contractor,
    or dnc employee or contractor,
    or a clinton fixer…

    his fed lawyer is playing word games

  5. He is a hired agitator
    Given a MAGA hat
    Deployed to breach the capitol
    Convince the stupid he’s a ‘trumper”
    Smearing President Trump with vicarious liability
    for his own criminality and that of the other
    hired agitators.

    I’m not saying that NO trump supporters
    followed these jerks in full mob
    mentality mode, but it was the hired jerks
    who lead the way and committed the crime
    and NOT President Trump.

  6. JDHasty,

    I’ll take the ocean front property in Arizona, but only if you “throw the Golden Gate in Free”.

    God, I love George Straight!

  7. This is Trump’s baby! Donny is mad the media is not talking more about the crowd size in Jan 6th.
    Makin up stories (RayEpps) is truly funny, but not gonna work in the least bit. For Trump is the head insurrectionist.

  8. The first question is NOT was he an FBI informant, agitator or anything of the sort. The FIRST question, Ted Cruz, is why was Epps not indicted for inciting an insurrection?

    Once you get him in court, his affiliation with the FBI will come out. And if it doesn’t, well that’s Epps’ problem if he wants to take one for the (FBI) team.

  9. @Anonymous January 13, 2022 at 8:02 pm

    Please at least be marginally connected to reality before commenting.

  10. Love this little nugget from the article (after claiming several times Epps is not a FBI imformant):

    “The Epoch Times asked whether Epps was under oath during his interview with the Jan. 6 Committee or with the FBI. Blischak did not directly answer the question about the committee, instead explaining that FBI agents usually don’t take oaths before interviews”

    Brilliant! (nothing to see here…)

  11. Most often when anyone says “Not to my knowledge” they’re lying. Especially if they are in an official capacity. Especially lawyers. Epp’s atty probably told him, “If you were on the payroll of any other gov’t agency, I don’t want to know about it. AZ only asked if you were part of the FBI.”

  12. Sooooooo……if I understand correctly, the former FBI agent lawyer sez that Ray isn’t an FBI informant, so that makes Ray an FBI AGENT, directly on the FedGov payroll.
    Events within my lifetime have made me so cynical (sigh……)

  13. “You do not buy photographs from Otto Leipzig, you don’t buy Degas from Signor Benati, you follow me?”


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