Ray Epps to Appear Before January 6th House Committee

Washington Examiner

Ray Epps, the Arizona man at the center of claims that FBI informants provoked the Capitol riot, is scheduled to sit down for a transcribed interview with the Jan. 6 House select committee Friday. More

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  1. That in itself is a clear admission of guilt. Have the other January 6 defendants gone before the January 6 commission? No, they’re busy being in federal prison. do you know what the point is, the point is, that they have to debunk this Rey Epps was a Fed theory.

  2. In spite of Adam Kinzinger’s best bullshit hand-waving efforts. As AOS says,

    “The last meeting was so “informal” they didn’t even write down what he’d said — no record of it. That’s why Kinzinger couldn’t quote him. There were no quotes.”

    And just because this next meeting will be “more formal” and ostensibly transcribed, doesn’t mean Epps will be under oath.

    How are those Sedition charges against Stewart Rhodes and the others going? Have they quietly been downgraded to misdemeanors yet, or is it too soon after the big media show?

  3. 570 of them in the Garland Archipelago, Mohammed’s pink swastika. Five Hundred and Seventy.

    To paraphrase Uncle Joe (Stalin), One man’s imprisonment is a tragedy. Five hundred men’s imprisonment is a statistic.

  4. To put him on display is an effort to debunk the idea of he was working for the government in some capacity. We’ve already seen how the FBI likes to play word games, so the results which are already on paper will be very interesting.

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