Reaction To Illegal Alien Taking a Virtual Walk on the Killing of Kate Steinle

I’m so sick of lefty retards saying the bullet “ricocheted” and accidentally killed her. It didn’t “RICOCHET.” If you believe that it hit the pavement first, then it BOUNCED. Bouncing is not a ricochet. Ricochet implies an odd angle, like off a wall or a rock.  For her to have been shot the gun is still pointed straight at her. He’s a bad shot murderer.

Comments around the web from lefties-

First up, the defense lawyer:

Let’s face it, these deplorables aren’t able to grasp much and they’re definitely not going to be able to appreciate what someone having inalienable rights means. And lots of those red states/locales have no real concern for democracy or equality.

You do realize this is the same America that let D i c k Cheney almost kill his buddy while hunting with no charges, right?



Comments from sane people-

Just imagine the uproar if she were B L A C K.

I know if i accidentally backed over an old lady I would be facing involuntary manslaughter!

Moved away from California in April and haven’t second guessed it for a second. Hope it breaks off into the sea.

Build the wall. Along the Nevada border!

California Tourism ad pitch – After a fun night of intentionally infecting sex partners with HIV, you can kill a tourist! But 86 the cigarettes and plastic bags, please.


22 Comments on Reaction To Illegal Alien Taking a Virtual Walk on the Killing of Kate Steinle

  1. Who the heck are these jurors? What was their composition? This has an OJ feel to it.
    We need a Colin Flaherty for illegal immigrant crime.

  2. He “helped” the gun discharge and it led to a loss of life which means at the very least involuntary manslaughter.

    But then again T. Kennedy drove a car that plunged into water and a young lady drowned and all he got was to keep his Senate Seat so who are we to judge.

  3. Time the damn DOJ awakes from its slumber and charges the filthy illegal asshole with depriving Kate of her civil rights! Throw away the damn key!

  4. A hawk landed in the yard today and tore up a chicken. The dog was asleep until she was kicked into action. Dog’s fault? Chicken’s fault? Hawk’s fault? No, you fucking retards, it’s MY fault. I created it, I own it. Get it???

  5. Well like it or not, the sworn testimony was that the round ricocheted off the pavement. And a ricocheted is far from a bounce. Do I believe that? Pier 39 gets pretty damn crowded. Odds are it would hit someone. So yea, it’s possible.
    Personally my anger is not directed towards this guy. What’s the first priority of our local, state and federal government? Protect it’s citizens.
    He shouldn’t have been here. Build the damn wall hang the SF City Counsel, shoot the the Indian Sheriff. I am sick of this shit. Especially as a Californian. But put the responsibility where it belongs. That Asshole SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HERE. And Kate would still be alive.

  6. What do you think would happen if one us were to be in Mexico illegally, in possession of a gun illegally, firing it illegally, and killing an innocent citizen of Mexico? Do you think for even a second we would see the light of day again, much less walk free?

  7. If you stop and think about it, it’s not that hard to believe. San Francisco is a freak town, I doubt you could find 12 sane jurors.

    My ass will never go to California. People should stay the hell away from that state and if you live there and are sane then you need to figure out a way to get the hell out of there.

  8. Speaken of ricochets, San Fransisco has outlawed hollow points. You can’t own hollow point, and you certainly can’t carry with hollow points in San Fransisco. Whats the implication? If this was a ricochet, a hollow point would have scrubbed all of it’s energy much like a frangible round. Another law idiots have implemented by asshole that understand very fucking little. You don’t need to be a shooter to figure that out.

  9. of course, yer avridge murkin citizen would walk, iffen he/she were to pick up a gun, and it would “accidently” go off, right???

    specially after they said “oops, my bad…..”

    because….it’s the GUN that killed her, not the guy who pulled the trigger….

    this sucks sooooo much…….i absolutely HATE california juries…..

    course, my dead brother, the lawyer, would probbly say this was a “victory”….he didn’t care how many child molesters he got sent free, as long as “the letter of the law” was upheld…..not justice, just the letter of the law……

    even if he weren’t dead in real life, he’d still be dead to me for holding that attitude… long as the letter of the law is upheld, justice can go f*ck itself……typical lawyer attitude………i should forgive him, of course……lol

  10. Dept of Justice….. think i saw that in an exhibit at the Smithsonian once. Didn’t they usedta uphold the law, or something?

  11. Welcome to Amerika. Welcome to De Bronx. Only a white guy can be convicted any more. But if he (the white guy) has lots of money, he will get off. My advice to white guys, don’t fuck up. Stay home, watch TV, drink alone at home, don’t go out, cause if you fuck up, you’re fucked.

  12. Let the fucking animals roam the streets. Keep electing morons to run (ruin) your cities and everything will be just fine. Honkey Dory.

  13. This isn’t about Kate or the illegal. The verdict was OJ 2.0. Its about The Resistance, so much so the DA made sure to inject POTUS & AG into his statement.
    DOJ released statement he will be deported. Cali will now sue under their Sanctuary City/State statute for protected status.
    They’ve planted their flag and it ain’t the Stars & Stripes.

  14. Did I read between the lines too much in one of these stories that three of the jurors were illegal immigrants?

    I thought it said three immigrants but if any had been illegals at any point, why would a prosecutor allow them on a jury.

  15. Ive been trying to get my thoughts together i don’t give a shit about your political or religious beliefs are there is a legal us citizen who died in front of her father while walking down a boardwalk how can you find 12 peoplethat are such pieces of shit that they would let this piece of shit go i usually don’t wish ill on people but i hope they can at some point in their lives feel the pain her father has to feel everyday with something that could have been so easily avoided

  16. Can we make California secede? And then build a wall to prevent them from crawling back in once they’ve driven it into the ground?

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