Reaction to Psaki’s Asinine Comment that the Biden Administration WELCOMES China’s Proliferating Nuclear Capability as “Stiff Competition”

These were some of the reactions-

  • Douglas Ernst, writer: “I’m not sure it’s a good idea for a press secretary to say an administration ‘welcome[s] stiff competition’ when it comes to nations finding innovative and creative ways to destroy one another. What kind of person says that kind of thing? Yeesh.”
  • John Cardillo, political commentator: “This is irresponsible, inappropriate, and downright dangerous.”
  • Kurt Schlichter, columnist: “This is so unserious. And the reality could not be more serious.”
  • Donald Trump Jr.: “Maybe I’m old fashioned but I prefer to beat communists, not just have a ‘stiff competition’ with them and then politely ask that they not beat us up when they catch up to our capabilities.”
  • The Alabama Republican Party: “What?!?!?! This is not a ‘Bring it on’ situation here! This is a major national security issue.”
  • John Cooper, The Heritage Foundation: “‘We welcome the Chinese Communist Party competing with us to develop advanced nuclear weapons’ is about the stupidest thing you could ever expect a U.S. administration to say publicly. So naturally the Biden administration did.”
  • Jazz Shaw, writer: “It’s like they brought in somebody from Media Matters with no foreign policy experience to run the country.”
  • Steve Milloy, political commentator: “And Milley was worried about Trump.”
  • Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence: “Dear God. The entire Biden [team] doesn’t take the threat from China seriously.”
  • Dana Loesch, political commentator: “It’s not competition when one participant steals everyone else’s IP and tech because of their murderous, clowntastic communism.”
  • Dennis Sarfate: “Might be the worst response to a question ever. This is not a competition.”

23 Comments on Reaction to Psaki’s Asinine Comment that the Biden Administration WELCOMES China’s Proliferating Nuclear Capability as “Stiff Competition”

  1. Why anyone bothers to listen to her CYA BS day after day is a sign of the listener being mentally ill.

  2. People. What do you expect from that sucker burg in drag?

    She will always display he loyalty to her ‘Fatherland’.

  3. All Joking aside now;

    Can we just get Morgan Freeman to be president.
    When he plays on on TV & Movies he is great.
    When he does REAL interviews on CNN/60 min/NBC he refuses to accept victimhood.
    Also seems to know how to handle a gun & play God…

    Seriously, Denzel could be VP for 8 years & then he could give it a go.

    A N Y T h I n G would be better…

    Now, back to the boats full of stuff floating around in the harbours… I need my shit.

  4. What happens when an administration is obsessed with its own citizens being the biggest threat to its survival.

    And you know, they’re right.

  5. Psakisms: Statements that are so inane, ridiculous and such flat-out lies that no sentient being would believe that any life form on this planet could even utter them, let alone expect anyone else to believe them!

  6. It’s not only this latest debacle but every time she gets up there it’s lie after lie after lie. Honestly don’t know how they, especially her, sleep at night.

  7. It sure gives one a feeling of security to know that our government is being run by people who think like middle-schoolers.

  8. Que Jim Carrey’s impression of Jimmy Stewart on what a beautiful nuclear Holocaust, hey everybody come over to the window. Only for real.

  9. Vicious Sid – “Competition with Biden” is an oxymoron… with emphasis on the moron!
    The man doesn’t have the brains to get a headache!

  10. The Biden malAdministration welcomes increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death. That may come as a surprise to some, but not me.

    In fact is what everyone associated with that Satanic cabal exists for. It t is what Democrat voters demand. Not that the Republican establishment is far removed from that sensibility

  11. It’s so wonderful to have our nation’s defense and foreign policy run by woke PR reps and other assorted morons.

  12. It’s odd that the news about the Chinese supersonic nuclear warhead aircraft just burst out over the last couple of days. Unless our military intelligence has been asleep at the wheel, they must have known for years about the development of this weapon system. The media is scaring the crap out of a large percentage of our population, mostly those who are already deathly frightened about covid, white supremacists, rural folks, Trump, and conservatives in general. IOW, liberals.

    The liberals will easily get behind the governments refusal to help Taiwan. When the SHTF, our military won’t lift a finger. I don’t think it could do much to help Taiwan anyway, a promise made decades ago when we actually could have made a difference.

    The government and military are putting in the fix and coming up with excuses to leave Taiwan to the Big Red Dragon to feast on.

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