Read it and weep, Liberals: Trump will win in 2020

Gayle Trotter:

Let’s cut through the polls, punditry and prognostications. I’m saying this here and now: Donald Trump will win reelection.

He will win because he has delivered on his promises to the American people. In contrast, the Democrats deploy societal chaos to unleash collectivism on the nation.

Rewind four years. On election night 2016, corporate media gave Hillary Clinton a 97% chance of winning. But I predicted that Mr. Trump would defeat Ms. Clinton.

Today, Mr. Trump’s candidacy is even stronger. That’s why he will win.

Our politicians promise somehow to clean up Washington, D.C., only to become part of the swamp. Mr. Trump ran as an outsider, a man who came to politics late in life as a businessman who succeeded at the art of the deal. He campaigned to gain the trust of America’s forgotten man and woman. He promised to drain the swamp.

His predecessor undermined our constitution, our economy, and our key foreign alliances. Mr. Trump promised a return to the rule of law. He promised an America First foreign policy. And he promised judges who would uphold, rather than deconstruct, our Constitution.

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17 Comments on Read it and weep, Liberals: Trump will win in 2020

  1. Let’s hope so, best POTUS in my lifetime and who America needs now more than ever! Good logic for his reelection, keep working and praying on his behalf!

  2. I predict the Left will be unhappy if Trump wins.

    That’s my prediction about the upcoming election, anything beyond that is beyond me.

  3. Heads up: the Battle of the Bulge starts tomorrow. Remember how Antifa/BLM were vowing to lay siege to the White House on the anniversary of Occupy? That day is tomorrow. Notice that we’ve heard nothing about riots in Portland for a week, but plenty about firebugs burning up the forests. The firebugs were laying down a smokescreen while the main force traveled to DC. I hope the Federal forces have been prepping, because tomorrow could get nasty in DC,

  4. The election results won’t matter – I predict the left will always be unhappy. Being unhappy is what leftists do.

  5. We should have been protesting the Democrat party for the last four years! Not since the 1860’s has a political party unleashed 24/7/365 chaos on this nation as they strove to drive an insurrection against the hallmark of an American presidential election: “The peaceful transfer of power.”

    The Democrats have unrelentingly set all our nerves on a knife’s edge since POTUS Trump’s winning of the ’16 primaries. Damn them.

  6. I predict a prediction predicting some predictable predictation of predictability … at … some time in the future … predicated on … uhhh …. some … … uhh … stuff ……

  7. Biden will be the first candidate (to my knowledge) to win the infamy of not one single, solitary electoral college vote.

  8. But, it can’t be so.
    Every day, Juan Willow touts those polls showing Bid=n so far ahead that the President shows just get out and let dynamo Jo= take over now.

  9. Trump will win bigly, 🇺🇸 and I can’t wait for the Commie Dem’s heads to explode, when they lose the house too. I think we are going to see a huge backlash on November 3, stay positive and pray. 🙏

  10. @Ronterf-I agree. He is the best POTUS of my lifetime. We are so fortunate as to be able to witness this. Pray hard and pray often.

  11. Miss Kitty,

    You are correct, a red tsunami is coming. They will lose th we HoR also.

    The global cabal will then unleash hell in response. Prepare patriots. I’d rather be wrong but we are up against Satan manifest on earth so anything is possible.

  12. I pray everyday this is correct. I don’t like being that sure but I’m thinking positive that he will win. The Evil has gained strength for far too long. Pray everyday!!

    God Bless us all!

  13. I propose they set up Trump labeled tissue stations on every corner in all the major Democrat cities. You know, cuz we’re not mean.

  14. Anonymous
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 AT 9:02 AM
    “I predict the Left will be unhappy if Trump wins.”

    …the left will be unhappy no matter what, because that’s what they do and who they are, unhappy. They will also be violent no matter what because that’s ALSO what they do and who they are.

    Only difference is, if they win, the media will stop TALKING about it…


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