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This is spot on. There are other sites that would turn this comment into a 700 word essay. It’s not necessary.

Here it is distilled to its essence: Why the notion of the 1%ers is hogwash-

I’m so sick of the lie that progs love to spread about money as a finite number. “1% of the people control 90% of the wealth,” or “the top 3 richest families control over 50% of the wealth,” etc. etc.

Look, progs, it’s real simple: If you perform a job, your pay has nothing to do with the wealth other people have accumulated.

When was the last time you were going to get paid for a job, but your boss said, “Sorry, we can’t pay you for that because 1% of the people have 90% of the money so that leaves you with nothing”? Never, that’s the last time you were told that.

Or more to the point, your ability to afford education, healthcare, housing, food, etc. also has nothing to do with the money other people have.

The same opportunities are available to everyone regardless of what someone already has accomplished.

Taking from the accomplished only diminishes your own potential returns. -ECP

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  1. …well said! As someone who tends to be wordy, I can appreciate someone who can be concise, and also CORRECT.

    However, in my PARTICULAR situation, 1% of the management hires all their friends and family to do-nothing, redundant, or actually harmful to the Company jobs while lying to the absentee owner about how great they’re doing, so they keep all the limited amount of “merit raise” money in the family which causes them to have a horrible retention rate and therefore constantly having to train people which is problematic because the trainers quit, but that’s kind of a special case and not relevant to the economy in general…

    (that’s MY rant, or Whine, as the case may be 😉 )….

  2. “Taking from the accomplished only diminishes your own potential returns.”

    Great point – you have much better opportunity when there are people around with money (or other resources) to give to you if you earn it. If there is nobody around with money then you certainly won’t be able to get any.

  3. “Or more to the point, your ability to afford education, healthcare, housing, food, etc. also has nothing to do with the money other people have.”

    I once said something very similar to this to one of my siblings. The reaction nearly caused a stroke. Excellent rant ecp, excellent.

  4. The progressives, with the passive endorsement of ‘conservatives’ already made clear what they want: tax laws weaponized to redistribute wealth. (thanks again, FDR!)

    They don’t hear facts, they’re pursuing all methods to achieve their goal.

  5. ECP wisdom – it’s free here! Thanks ECP. (-:

    (Unless you’re subscribing to iOTWReport, which you should be! In which case it’s just fractional pennies for each comment. But along with all the other wise comments from all the NAMED commenters (not Anonymouses!), it adds up to seriously provocative entertainment all directed by the hard work of the bloggers here. Sorry, just rambling here… I was trying to composes a 700-word post or something… I’ll try later, maybe, depending on coffee input and such…)

  6. “The same opportunities are available to everyone ”
    Apparently you’ve never been told “whites need not apply”

  7. I don’t think lefties even overall believe that they’ll necessarily even get part of what they want from the 1%/wealthy or benefit financially, just punishing them is enough. It is a mentality if you don’t have you fortunately can’t wrap your mind around. Everyone wallow in misery.

  8. @joe6pak October 22, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    If you can, define (your use of) “Capitalist”?

    (Because, like “socialist”, most people use it the same way as Humpty Dumpty.)

  9. The problem progs have with a simple answer, is that it’s too hard to spin any sort of rebuttal. Like Jesse Watters, Water is wet. Prove me wrong.

  10. I have a friend who has worked hard all his life. He made a good living, but is bitter about those who have more than he thinks they deserve.

    I’ve tried to discuss that they made sacrifices, took risks and went for something more than working for someone else and just getting a salary.

    He still doesn’t get it. At least he is a conservative … just not a very driven person.

    I stopped trying to make him understand that his bitterness only hurts him. What an unhappy man.

  11. @Sarthurk October 22, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    > Prove me wrong.

    Some people insist they’re great with colors. Some people claim they’re color blind. Suggesting that anyone prove the latter (or the former) “wrong” is too progressive for everyone else.

  12. @MerryMouse October 22, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    > The money will be right back where it started in about three years.

    And, if you believe that, does it tell you that all “the rich” are graduates of the Lake Woebegone School system? Or does it tell you, you live in the company town?

  13. Dan’s point is the reason why democrat-controlled cities are leftist shitholes, and, unless there’s some sort of purge, always will be.

  14. Jus’ Sayin’. Eventually the money will be concentrated in the hands of a few. Again. I don’t have a problem with that. I have enough. I’m happy. But the progressive/collectivists will never be happy. They want yours and they want all of it, without working for it. The Pareto Principle refers to 20% of the people doing 80% of the work. Peterson has lots of videos on this concept.

    (ps I don’t want reparations. I’m just being a devil’s advocate here! Maybe I should have added /sarc)

  15. I and many many others couldn’t make a living if everyone was equally poor.

    Do not envy other’s wealth and wish/vote it away.

    You are spreading poverty – not wealth.

    You are a child of the lie if you envy and destroy.

  16. Impeachment…each and every one of you should pray, this doesn’t happen…and, I’ll tell you why. For 8 years, we sat silent, while Obama divided our nation. He used identity politics, race warfare, and class warfare to divide us all. Obama thrust universal healthcare upon us and we sat silent.

    In the meantime, Hillary and Obama let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, while they watched on closed circuit tv. Again, we were silent.

    We watched Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazil rig a primary against Bernie Sanders. We saw Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Attorney General at the time) sit on a flight line, only to find that Hilary was exonerated for any crime; regarding her acid washed / bleach bit server and 33,000 deleted emails. Again, we were silent…

    We have watched our duly elected president harassed each and every day, for 3 years; even though he has put millions back to work, brought jobs back to America, stood up to our adversaries, and fought like hell to protect our borders.

    Now, we see Joe Biden leveraging $1 Billion American dollars for his son. However, the Democrats and the media only care about impeaching Trump! So, I can tell you with the utmost certainty…if you are successful in your witch-hunt, we will NOT be silent!!!

    You will see a revolution you cannot even fathom! Tread lightly…🇺🇸
    Borrowed. GOD please protect your chosen.

    PUT THIS POST ON YOUR FACEBOOK!!! copy and paste if you dare!!!


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