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Reading Between the Lines of a Story a Reader Seethes With Outrage

Young boy dies after being found unresponsive in Doswell hotel pool.

This was the headline Mr. Saddleburr saw. After reading the story he contacted the writer for clarification.

Here’s the exchange:

Story Headline or URL : Young boy dies in pool in Doswell

Short description of typo or inaccuracy : Are you telling me that nobody  

pulled the boy from the pool but simply called 911 and left him floating?    

Tell me your story is just wrong and emergency responders didn’t pull this poor kid out of the pool.

Good evening XXXXXXXXX,

Our story reflects exactly what emergency officials told us when we spoke with them about this incident.

Thank you,

Dude. What has happened to us? That’s just heart breaking.  Please verify with the authorities before 11pm broadcast.
Good evening xxxxxxxxx,

I spoke with the contact for Hanover Fire directly, and he explained they received the call for service just before 3 p.m.When emergency crews arrived, they found the child in the pool floating in critical condition. He was then given CPR and taken to an area hospital where he tragically died.

This is a tragic event and it was not easy to write about but those are the details we were provided by officials.

What the hell has happened to us as a society?

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  1. I swim a lot and routinely save kids that end up in water too deep for their skills, and it’s no big deal.
    To NOT save a kid is a big deal.
    That poor kid was unfortunately surrounded by stupid people.

  2. This reminds me too of the cases where someone is in trouble, e.g. being beaten, robbed, threatened, and witnesses stand around with their cell phones recording, nobody stepping up to assist the victim. What has happened to our society indeed!

  3. There is not enough detail to this story to even pass slight judgement. Was anybody else in or near the pool when the kid somehow became unconscious, or was he found alone 3 hours later? WTF?

  4. What has happened to us as a society is complicated and heartbreaking. Consider the following causative factors:

    1) No one can do for himself anymore. Personal responsibility has become remanufactured as social responsibility and passed to the gubmint.

    2) Technology has created a nation of vapid, self-absorbed assholes who are devoid of empathy for their fellow humans.

    3) There are no more men in our society, just a bunch of man-bun-wearing hipster doofi who deeply belive in “women’s equality” as an excuse to go Dutch on dates. Women and children can no go fend for themselves while Jason excuses himself to go develop the perfect little faggy goatee.

    4) There is a yoooge misunderstanding of children’s needs. Parents deeply believe that if they raise children a certain way, their “independent” children will not need as much parenting. News flash: it doesn’t work that way.

    5) How much do you want to bet that whoever was supposed to be minding this child was drunk or high? In New York City Family Court, substance abuse is the #1 driver of child-neglect petitions filed by the Administration for Children’s Services. I am opposed to the legalization of pot because I feel it creates whole new categories of victims, and is therefore not a socially acceptable policy.

    I could probably write a Ph.D. dissertation on this topic, but these are the first few ideas that bubbled up to the top of my head on a Sunday morning.

  5. This is emblematic of why our country is turning to shit before our very eyes.

    No one wants to do shit about it. We wait for our shiny knight to come riding in and make everything better with a pant-load of blather and bullshit rather than doing our part – as sovereigns of this once-great nation – to hold politicians, judges, criminals, the media, and ourselves accountable.

    At least someone called. That’s the bright side of this. There must have been others who tut-tutted and did absolutely NOTHING.

    CONSIDER: Obola, Bill Clinton, Jerry Sandusky, and Mitch McConnell would probably have tried to fornicate his ass while he was unconscious. HRC would have rifled his pockets for loose change.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Attorneys. If you help the kid and he dies you’re likely to get sued and your life can become a living hell. About ten years ago I was playing basketball in a pickup game at a University. A player walks off the court saying he didn’t feel good. He immediately had a heart attack and falls on his face. Numerous coaches who knew CPR were there and they did nothing (liability laws). He died before the medics arrived ten minutes later. Yep, you can thank attorneys.

  7. In Wells’ THE TIME MACHINE, pretty little Weena is drowning while all her Eloi lifelong ‘friends’ watch passively.

    I do notice that basic First Aid 101 skills seems to have vanished in those under age 45.
    I attribute that to the decline of Scouting, and I assume public schools no longer offer First Aid as a course for liability reasons.
    Yonkers, bless her, is dead right about the decline of personal responsibility and initiative.
    Which is no accident. That’s exactly what Leftist government at all levels, and Leftist pop culture, have been all about for the last 40+ years.

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