Reading Too Many Books By and About White People Is Emotionally Traumatic

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A student at Columbia University is urging the school to inject more diversity into its required courses, claiming she suffered severe emotional trauma from reading too many books by and about white people.

Columbia students and faculty gathered Wednesday night for a panel discussion on “Race, Ethnicity, and University Life.” According to the Columbia Daily Spectator, much of the commentary revolved around the idea that minorities on campus simply spend too much time being traumatized by the white-centric content of their classes.

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31 Comments on Reading Too Many Books By and About White People Is Emotionally Traumatic

  1. When Mrs. M. was in the hospital I read the whole Harry Bosch & Lincoln Lawyer series – twice. Books by a white guy about white guys. Now I guess I’m supposed to feel bad because I didn’t read more books about black people. But it just never occurred to me to download Little Black Sambo to my Kindle.
    Does this mean I have to join the Klan?

  2. news flash wimpy college kids. Colleges may some required reading with a particular course. But they do not tell you what other books you are free to read. So if you want to read a black author, read away, no one is stopping you.
    Or you might go for a technical degree like Engineering and not have to read a single book all through your college education.

  3. The turd world intellectuals can only teach jungle love, washing your hair with camel piss, attacking neighboring tribes, cannibalism, human sacrifice… and that’s why no one goes to learn from the barbarians in their native ivy league schools or goes to their hospitals.

    Get a grip you whiny brats and try to learn something from tried and true sources so you can maybe contribute to civilization .

    I don’t think you will succeed.

  4. And this is why black people go into the Black Studies program — a safe space for their easily offended psyches. Reading about yourself for 4 years — no wonder they think that the world revolves around their ‘grievances.’

    Black Studies — where most of the ‘facts’ of black accomplishments are amplified to the point of absurdity.

  5. I’m all with her! Let her read all those classics, written during the Middle Ages by all those classical black writers! And all those high caliber black writers from the past … uhh … Cicero … no, he was a Roman dude … Caesar … no … Aristophanes … no … Shakespeare … no … Suetonius … no … Xenophon … no … Herodotus … no … Thucydides … no … Aquinas … no … Chaucer … no … Epictetus … no … Marcus Aurelius … no … Moses … no …

    Oh! Wait! Negroes didn’t know how to write until white people taught them! The Arabs slavers sure as Hell never taught them to read or write …

  6. I don’t know. Ben Shapiro’s words keep ringing in my ears. Sounds an awful lot like the kind of kids who shouldn’t even be in a mainstream degree program. Honestly, if they don’t want to read or don’t have the reading skills to be good at it, then they shouldn’t do it. I don’t think it has anything to do with white authors or subjects, but Johnny and Janey can’t read and no amount of remedial education is going to give them the desire. Special snowflakes.

  7. That’s what I told my ninth grade English teacher. She said tough shit your reading it.
    Imagine black people trying this shit in any other country but here.

  8. Each and everyday I’m made to believe that because I’m white I’m racist. And it is because of these friggin idiots that I may become what they suggest.

  9. Honey Chil’ needs to be taught the fact that she is among only 11% of the population & the vast majority of the population is WHITE. And… this will be so throughout her lifetime. Get over it little coal cinder (…no such think as a black snowflake).

    Are there no Afro-Colleges that she is able to leech off of? Why not just move to Africa where she will be among the majority, & have all the Afro-studies she needs, as to not hurt her sensibilities?

  10. Tim, that’s why they want more books written by minorities in their Western Civilization classes–so there won’t be any books on the syllabus to read.

  11. That was a hilarious bit.
    He said if you want to hide your money where burgling n-words won’t find it, put it in your books.

  12. Clarence Thomas has written a book about himself.
    There are at least five books written about him. She’d probably prefer the negative ones.

    Ben Carson wrote a book

    OK kid, read all about it.

  13. I, too, am a big fan of Michael Connolly’s books. I particularly like the early Harry Bosch books, and The Poet.

    As far as I’m concerned, I am traumatized by reading so much crap about black people every time I turn around.

    Hope you are doing OK, Mr. M.

  14. So they traumatize people by having them read their racist rant against white people and their books.

    Fuck these racist sons of bitches. Any time they mention the “white race”, call them out on it — call them a racist and ask them why they can’t treat people of all skin colors the same and stop trying to create racial tension.

    I wish they were all kicked in the nuts until dead.

  15. Listening to these facist racist zealot lefty commies and the college staff that backs them up is traumatic to me. I may go out and do something stupid.

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