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Reagan on Carson

In this clip, Reagan says the government could close its doors and go away for 3 weeks and no on would even notice.

Aside from the people who collect a paycheck from the government, Reagan is right.

When Reagan talks about a ceiling that the feds shouldn’t be allowed to go above when confiscating taxes, the audience applauds. (And this is California.)

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  1. Notice how polite the audience and Carson (a liberal) was to RR? Compare that to the hostility from the left today.

  2. Thanks for that, Fur. It was a better time, to be sure. Late night talk was better too.
    Don’t forget that the left hated Reagan just as much as they hate Trump. Leftist Tantrumists have existed my entire life. Their media platform just oozed into the mainstream.

  3. I doubt Carson would fit in with Today’s loony left…Reagan was the

    best…It was a joy to be in the USAF during the 80’s!!!

  4. Reagan seems to be being proven right.

    Wonder if any of his detractors of the time will recant their positions and apologize?

  5. Great clip. His wise words are just as prescient and timely now as then, he got it.

    For those that have not seen this, check out it;

    How much fun it must have been to just hang out with him.

    I am old enough to remember voting for him. There are some that say he could never survive in today’s hostile polarizing bare-knuckles climate, horseshit, truth/wisdom/common sense are timeless and always in short supply.

  6. I have some punk rock vinyl album buried in my collection. I don’t remember the band, but I remember the lyrics. From the early 80s.

    The song started with a guy yelling ‘RONALD REAGAN YOURE FUCKED UP!!!’ Then the rest of the song they sang ‘FUCKED UP RONNIE’ over and over again.

    But punk was an outlier back then. Now these people have been normalized.

  7. Johnny knew RR’s intellect was light years ahead of his. JC could be made to look lik a buffon in short order.He was being respectful to a Cobra, pne wrong move and you’re dead.

  8. Protect your virtue; learn to say no. What politician today (other than President Trump) would say no to money?

  9. Dennis Prager often comments that with Johnny Carson we rarely had any insight into whether he was progressive or conservative (which was to his credit). His last line “There’s got to be another way.”, while said in jest, pretty much sums up what’s wrong with the current mindset of progressives and, by extension, society in general.

  10. Ron + GWB were polar opposites!
    Ron said, “Government will never solve our problems. …. GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!{!@#?!^# ’82 SotU.
    GWB’s laws said “government is the solution!”(RomneyCare prime aka part D, Common Are, patriot Act, TARP …..etcetera)


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