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Only a half mil in Brooklyn


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  1. I was in my preteens when I discovered the people of the northern cities deserve what they have. Yes, they can walk to the liquor store with their EBT card while denigrating me for being barefoot on the way to the pond or the beach to catch supper. According to them, I was suffering because I didn’t hear the Opera on the way to the sex club and all I could do is hear the cicadas as the sun set while skinning my catfish…

  2. Location, location, location.

    WHERE in Brooklyn is this located?

    I’d pay top dollar in Brooklyn to avoid my two least favorite groups, third world immigrants and hipsters.

    But I didn’t have top dollar, so I moved to Yonkers–which would be a much better place if only it weren’t in New York State.

  3. All I know is, when it comes time to sell my house, I’m hoping a recent transplant from New York is bidding on it.

  4. Even the listing has inflation in it.

    That is not 312 sq ft.

    Looks like 12×16, at the most. 192 sq ft

    Menderman should be able to tell too, given his construction experience.

    16×20 – 320 sq ft – comes close to the claimed size and that is certainly not 16×20.

    My converted one-car-garage bedroom, at 220 sq ft, is bigger than what’s pictured.

  5. That would fetch at least $750,000 in Sanfagdisco.
    Those fruits will pay top dollar to get into a tight place.

  6. We have a winner location for the OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY!

    The bedroom can be converted to reading room and the living area will contain Obama’s ‘legacy’ (with tons of room left over).

    His real legacy will be considered court evidence and kept by the prosecution.

  7. Dadof4 — haha! Hadn’t thought of that niche marketing to New Yorkers. Good one. When we transition out of our family home, I’ll definitely remember that.

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