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Real Life Lassie

2 dogs escaped from their house when the owner was taken to the hospital. Romping in the woods, one of them slid down a 30 foot embankment and became entangled in some brush.

Unable to free itself, the companion dog ran for help, finding a police officer (of all people.)

The dog barked and insisted the officer follow him.

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  1. Man I’ve been blessed with some good dogs. Exceptional dogs. All duck dogs. Retrievers, Chesapeake Bays or Labs. Nothing better than on a foggy day you looking one way and the dog looking the other. You can tell when he’s got ducks because his ears go up and his head goes down. That’s a dog. Anything else is a cat.

  2. Well my wife is super fuckin hot and she likes Cocker Spaniels.
    So she said she would only marry me if she could have her
    4 CS. So I learned to like her and her dogs. .

  3. Tiger, Panther, Weenie Heenie, and Lil Bit take exception too. Never have seen them drool.

    Wonderful story, though!

  4. Sylvie needs no safe space here.

    The 100 lb Shepherd mix and the 55 lb Lab mix do though.

    It’s Sylvie’s place and she does whatever she wants with the dogs.

    The Shepherd mix was the latest addition. You should see the worried look on his face when he wants her out of his space.

    Pretty damn funny to see the 100 lb monster be afraid of 12 lbs of cool. If she raises a paw at all he’s backing off quickly. He stopped challenging her after a couple of months here.

    The 55 lb Lab mix doesn’t care and has no qualms with the queen. Even when kitty is chewing on her leg or batting her wagging tail for entertainment. But they’ve been together over 11 years now.

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