Reality of Socialism – Eating Out of a Garbage Truck

These are the images that @jorgeramosnews showed Nicolás Maduro
and that caused Maduro to get up from the interview, to retain
the Univision team and confiscate his work. This is what Maduro
does not want the world to see.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. This is why socialism is so wonderful. In Venezuela, even their garbage is gourmet.
    Viva Maduro! Viva AOC! Viva Bernie!

  2. If they had a strainer on the bottom of the garbage compartment they could have the added benefit of a refreshing glass of garbage truck juice to wash it all down.

  3. The difference of Socialism in Ocasio-Cotex’s America:

    The garbage truck has solar panels, sized for 1 can of waste, doesn’t pick up anything that can’t be recycled and doesn’t pick up anything that would otherwise biodegrade by itself, namely food. Because landfills are like pastures of farting cows.

    And that is why socialism will work in America *eyeroll*

  4. Somebody wake Bernie from his angry old-geezer nap and make him watch this.
    He refuses, REFUSES to call Maduro a dictator.
    But he doesn’t mind flapping his dentures calling Trump one.

  5. Garbage in, garbage out and no toilet paper. Their poor digestive tracts. I’d like to see our domestic socialists partake in a few days of this.

  6. MJA — He’s disgusting! And he occupies the “cheap seats” Cortez was going on about. It’s always fine to denigrate the U.S. to commie countries when you can rest your head on a nice clean pillow at night after rummaging through one of your many refrigerators for a snack after a full day of eating.

  7. Chef Boyardee would be a real treat for these poor starving Venezuelans, I’d bet they’d even eat SPAM or Vienna sausages without complaint. Nothing says eating low on the hog like being forced to eat scraps from a garbage truck in order to survive. YUCK!

  8. I have an idea for a new television program: Iron Chef Venezuela. “Contestants! Your special ingredient is raw chicken that has been lying in the sun for 2 days. You must prepare three courses using this special ingredient, and you may use any other ingredients you find laying around on Revolution Boulevard.”

    Of course, finding judges with the required cast iron stomachs and biological immunities would be rather difficult. But I’m sure Maduro could find some at gunpoint.

  9. Bare floor concrete encampments, feeding troughs, and fire hose sanitation.

    What more do you want?

    Hell, socialists wouldn’t even know how to build THAT. It takes Capitalists to build Socialist infrastructure. Afterwards, it rots and people just die.

  10. AbigailAdams – Yep! If he really believed in this crap he would run for governor and be dictator of Vermont. But that would mean hands-on work and he doesn’t want that. He wants to hand his staff a set of directions and then go squat on his front porch with his just as scummy wife and take all credit.

  11. Ramos playing “gotcha” with the wrong guy?

    This is exactly the kind of thing Ramos wants for America.

    What a hypocrite. Slimy, slime-ball, sliming hypocrite.
    Pour some salt on that slug and be done with him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Tim, Ramos thinks he’s untouchable. He thinks ‘press’ and ‘hollywood’ means something outside of his bubble.
    He’s an idiot.
    These types of videos are all over youtube, liveleak, etc. Now he’s going to sit on his ass as if he ‘discovered’ something.
    He’s a prick and he’s smug.

  13. Is it true? Did bernie get kicked out of a commune because he was too lazy and didn’t want to work? I’d sure believe that.

    And whatever happened to his wife and her college $$ scandal?

  14. Funny story – when I worked in new housing construction, we used to CALL the catering truck “the Garbage Truck”.
    In reality, Rosa made killer chiles rellenos….

  15. I don’t hate SPAM, I just prefer not to eat it and it’s been a long time since I last ate some SPAM. And besides I would get killed by my daughter if I ever bought it. Same thing with Velveeta which my grandmother loved and used on everything but it used to be a whole lot cheaper for fake cheese.

  16. Univision and Ramos are also fake news propagandists who hate America and are pro-Communists. No matter what may be reality, the fakers fake their own photos and stories. In Venezuela, just who does and who doesn’t have food? Alternative sources of news must be sought out to get more reliable information. The object of false propaganda is to make Americans believe that Maduro must be ousted so the US can make Venezuela its puppet regime as was done to Chile decades ago. Pence’s pal Gauido is a CIA asset picked to be the US puppet who is prepared to sell out Venezuela, mainly for the massive oil there. Another planned war for oil/gold. Do ethical Americans really want to be in another aggressive war for corporate wealth? Smedley Butler, anyone?
    War Is A Racket

  17. AOC and Bernie should be tossed on a pile of garbage. They should experience what they want for everyone who buys their socialist crap.

  18. On Boris Yeltsin’s trip through New York, passing through the ghetto, remarked: “In my country, this would be luxury housing.”
    (I think it was Yeltsin – circa 1990)

    The world has learned nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – about the depredations of socialism.

    izlamo delenda est …

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