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Realtor Sues BLM After Losing His Job

Realtor Sues Marxist Black Lives Matter After Losing His Job At Re/Max For Posting “All Lives Matter” On Social Media.

The violent, Marxist mob Black Lives Matter has been wreaking havoc in cities across America for several years. Despite hours and hours of footage showing the violent offenders, there is rarely any news of a conviction or even a trial for the rioters, looters, or arsonists who’ve been given a pass by the Left for their actions. They’ve not only been given a pass but radical leftists like Kamala Harris, America’s newly installed “Vice President,” actually campaigned to raise money on Twitter that would help to provide bail money for them.

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  1. Let’s encourage BLM females to take advantage of U.S. abortion laws….

    encourage all BLM females to HAVE abortions.
    Whether their mothers, their daughters, their aunts, their nieces, it makes no difference.

    Democrats & Planned Parenthood oops I mean Planned NON-Parenthood does it so from this point I’m all in like them… ABORT EM ALL

    Are you a leftest? A marxist? A democrat? And don’t like what I said…. Go to hell I’m embracing something your all in on…

  2. The thing to keep in mind as yo contemplate this is that they’re winning and we’re losing.

    It might be of some value to figure out why and change our tactics to do something about it instead of just keeping on with the same thing we are doing now that is resulting in our loss.


  3. From gab


    Can you believe that Joe Biden said that the FOCUS of his DOJ will be to wipe out white supremacy in America today which is fueled primarily by former police and military?

    Honestly, WTF is this maniac even talking about?

    No, releasing 10’s of thousands of illegal alien criminals, rapists, gangsters and drug traffickers into our neighborhoods is not a problem, skyrocketing violent crime in our blue-led cities is not a problem, RACISM is the problem and only windmills will fix it?

    Biden is INSANE.

  4. NMO-

    Don’t forget to have them do so without those white supremacist colonialist things like pain killer, aseptic procedures, or clean medical facilities…


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