Rebranding Fauxcahontas As A “Deep Faith” Christian

The Boston Globe went to extremes to save Elisabeth Warren (MA-D) from losing her senate run when she was exposed for having a questionable native American ancestry. Now they’re back with a new message:  They are portraying her as having a “deep and authentic” Christian faith.


So I guess we won’t be seeing any images of Warren undergoing the sun dance ceremony any time soon.

22 Comments on Rebranding Fauxcahontas As A “Deep Faith” Christian

  1. If she could fake her heritage and deprive others of a chance, I’m sure she can find a verse in the Bible that calls for the dismembering of babies by PP.

  2. The only reason she’s making this false claim is because a focus group told her to. If the focus group told her to claim black and Chinese heritage, she’d be claiming black and Chinese heritage. Like Hillary, she’d do so with a straight face and not a twinge of guilt. Ted Kennedy claimed to be a practicing Catholic and a family man. Must be something in their water.

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